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Re: The Philosophers

Postby Void_X_Zero » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:31 pm

Fixed Cross wrote:
Void_X_Zero wrote:Yes. By devaluing their own minds and truth, humans forfeit their own existence. So be it.

This is why I never accepted the general denominator "human". Ive always known this category to include many unviable beings.

Thus, this caste division is not entirely a joke. We may have to help nature out a little bit in the coming centuries where she will definitively separate the leeches from the beings.

Human nature is just starting to show its inner rift, and it is an absolute rift.
There will be two entirely separate human species at the end of 500 years.

This is probably correct. We converged into Homo sapiens, but there is no reason to think that at some point it will not diverge again. This is predicted in such visionary works as 1984 and The Time Machine.
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Re: The Philosophers

Postby Fixed Cross » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:04 am

Ive read (not been able to verify, obviously) the Neanderthal was far more capable of reason than Homo sapiens, which caused him to think longer, which caused him to lose in the fight.

Meaning that we need to become vigilant against the type that is abandoning its reasoning faculties - they can become a bigger problem as they lose more cognitive capacities. The fight against stupidity is the hardest there is, as stupidity won't flinch driving the whole world including itself into the ground, since it simply isn't able to recognize any reality.
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