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Re: Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

Postby Artimas » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:14 pm

MagsJ wrote:
Artimas wrote:I don't like smiling in pictures either, I laugh a lot more than I smile too. I just feel like if I force myself to smile that it's a fake state of being, of which now is captured in image lol.

Yes.. a fake instant of a forced state of being captured for eternity.. how dire! :|

Well the stare of wickedness is just as cute/sexy as the smile of 'innocence'. Hah

I may quote that the next time someone asks me to smile. :lol:

Well it's the truth.

The beauty -is- the duality, too much of one side and one is either evil out of intent or pretentious/Not genuinely "good". True balance comes from understanding both sides. Without dark there can be no light and without light there would be no dark to observe. Contrast is everything. The state of duality makes itself visible by being a contrast. Balance.

Nature is both wicked and nurture, for we live as it and craft our comfort from it.

Even nothing, is something.
If one is to live balanced with expectations, then one must learn to appreciate the negative as well, to respect darkness in its own home.

All smoke fades, as do all delicate mirrors shatter.

"My ancestors are smiling on me, Imperials. Can you say the same?"

"Science Fiction today ~ Science Fact tomorrow"

Change is inevitable, it can only be delayed or sped up. Choose wisely.

Truth is pain, and pain is gain.

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