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Postby alex » Wed May 08, 2002 9:55 pm

I was just flicking through a collection of stories etc. by the French author Voltaire when I turned to his most famous work "Candide". Here I found the name Dr. Pangloss. I am assuming that Pangloss's name comes from this character in Voltaire's novel so this is basically a request to find out who this Dr. Pangloss is, who our Pangloss has seemed to name himself after?
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Postby Pangloss » Wed May 08, 2002 10:20 pm

it certainly is. i thought i told you that. and whilst you're holding that book, give it a read. stonking little book. voltaire was a genius. if you can find the time, maybe after the exams, i recommend you go to the british museum just after lunch, find a place in the central great court (the huge library), and just read all of 'candide' from start to finish. i did this one day last half-term, and you end up leaving the museum, walking along a busy london street, looking at the people in a way you could never have seen yourself doing before. it's so weird. very much worth doing, if you can be arsed. the stress and pace of a london street becomes placed in the context of being all for the best, and you look at people, and know that they have as much to say as yourself, and that there is a whole wealth of interest out there. all you need to do is tap it, and you'll then never be bored for the rest of your life.


read candide/optimism by voltaire, and meet dr. pangloss.
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