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Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:33 pm
by Meno_
My wife and I were in France. I took a bus from where our hotel was to a nearby town . on board I realized I forgot my cell phone.

At that time, later, I assumed the name of the town I was going to because I got off an appropriate stop.

On getting off I tried to remember the name of the town where our hotel was, and it was San Fernando, a town near where we live in California.

Then the rest of the dream consists in trying to get back.

Walked miles and miles to a bus stop asking a French man who looked like an official about getting back to San Fernando, and he said he didn't know the neighberhodd well enough.

While we were talking, a bus passed, and he said I should have taken the bus and upon asking about the bus schedule, he said he didn't know about it either.

Then I thought of how worried my wife could be and trying to call me while it rang nearby in our hotel room.

Panicking I also thought of having left my wallet behind.

Woke up with great relief, found my wife in respiratory distress and I awoke her, telling her next time to sleep with her apnea machine.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:52 pm
by Meno_
If no one can interpret it , I will try.
I think apnea is a very potentially dangerous illness, and many people have died of it, the dream may have been a wake up call, literally, since after I woke up in cold sweat, in panic mode, being in a foreign country without proof of identity , which is tantamount with having no identity, discourses or even memory of where to get back, the wake up call may have been a sign that something unacceptable may happen to my wife if I had not awoken her, in turn.

Underneath it all is my ongoing attempt at the deconstructing of ego, and the underlying dangers lurking there that may effect people around me.

This deconstruction is easier then I thought , but the fear of irreversibility becomes obvious as the process progresses.

The hope is , that as the limit approaches, an intentional near death experience can be gained, where some of the things that concern me at this stage, reincarnation and eternal recurrence , will also become more transparent. The transparency then will emphasize the transcendent mode of self realization.

For me, this stage is irreversible . even from the point of view of having unconsciously been involved in it, ever since that fateful moment in my life when I climbed to the top of Mount Hollywood many eons ago. Since then that place , and especially that one tree there reached the summit not only a spatio temporal aesthetic summit, but actually fortified the height of exstasis within and without (ideal)Wagnerian proportions. It became the purest form of overcoming even those limitations.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:16 pm
by Meno_
Could it be magic? The 7 seals.

Multiverse thinking: though magical doesn’t exclude God’s existence – it proves it

However maybe 'magic' is the wrong term within this context, maybe its merely prima facie demonstration of the reflectivity of conscious differentiation , become the stream of the conscious and the pre, sub, and the unconscious in a yet to be realized unity.

That 'God' can not be understood (differentiated ) at that stage of 'time' within that looped off space, is no fault of either, man or god. The analysis assumes no such , there by positing a retroactive absurd god.

For instance , waiting for godot, expresses this sense of futility in inscribing an objective relationship (Covenant) , where such does not exist , only in figurative terms, based on the fear, and not on the love of.god.

The overcoming of gods anger, is exactly what Nietzsche tried to show in God's change of attitude, and not for a moment does it make sense of speaking of death on an objective level. The subject of redemption becomes a problem for him, not Because of what Wagner"s contention was, but exactly opposite, for Wagner.

After all, Nietzsche came from a religious protestant family of ministers.

The reason one can arrive here by the use of fragments, is precisely how the backward look imaerges(the wrong spelling here is intentional-a licence taken advertantly) with and includes the earlier states of all forms of.consciousness: the ones excluded become preconcious-to subconscious-coming through in dreams .

The act of confession appears to unify the various streams of thought consciousness of it , as if, there was someone there like the belief in am Angel on the shoulder as someone who could be a trusted confidant.

If triads 1,2,3 ; 4,5,6; 7,8,9; 10,11,11; 13,14,15 could be unified by the use of the first and the last triad, (with the aim of finding the philosopher's stone for instance) and assume to take #2 and #14 as the starting point, then, kabbalah like we could add them : 2+14 and come up with a net result of. 16, which If You add those getting 7, or of you add them as 2+1+4, getting the same result, and it becomes preselected predelected that such, as a vehicle of confessing certain correspondences may throw back to an alchemical solution suspect to the speculation of a form of thought belonging to men living in caves: not in classical ones but medieval ones : then it would surprise some of insincere efforts to authenticate some claims.

That it was not consistent with a prefigired effort to claim that it was the number 7 which gave rise to the keys, whereupon the acopalipsus bore on the 4 horses. Carried by them.

If in the act of confession such revealing truth be admonished, that no pre-figirememt for any referential fair be considered, then it conceivable that the connection had not negan with a preferential or somewhat biased opinion , known or unknown to the recipient. Hermits of olde had need for such confession where no one else may measure the deviation between rationality and its opposite.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:23 pm
by Meno_
The end to the neatness of death is also prevalent in the above dream. But it is pregnant with a false premise. And most of death happens because of the suggestion that we die alone, whereas the truth more probably hides the notion that we are never a one, and the subsyratum of the fear of memory loss, confirms this. The constructed individual ego is a compendium of many past lives, literraly, I was constructed by many lost generations, remembering back unto say maximum 2-3 generations. That is unknown to most humans, until a mature age, if ever

The ego, the construction of it, becomes like living templates, and perhaps our life consists in the mirroring of these, and the more exactly define and hold on to them, the more we believe that it consists of a validated and real aspect of personality.

The more probable view suggests nothing of the sort. The graciousness and the inter permeability of minds, of souls habe more likely a source of undifferentiated energy between the state we think and experience as life, and death.

That physical descriptions enter into it, starting with a reduction compulsively retracing the source, as predicting and co-tracing the specific source with that developed through the general, philosophically driven exclusive logic, has turned out to intend another agenda, as the idea of the idealist notion of Hegel's 'spirit' formed and in-formed this development.

That this notion held for a few thousand years, is remarkable, as a general contextual definition of inclusivness within larger and more consistent with individuality of participation. And so we view it within the magical flow of consciousness through another thousand years of participation through quasi magical routes religion took to base it on.

This is all consist ent with the ego, but as this formation is dis-provable is evident in the fallaciousness of Saint Anselm.

So what van be said with quite certainty? That the separation is another artificial construct, to make sense of another fallacious distinction between temporal and cosmic time. Its incomprehensible for creatures, like ants to create a life span measured in years, centuries and finally ponder the almost mythical idea of timelessness, but in fact, we humans are closer in that respect to ants, then that of the immortal gods.

The co-presence of man and god, is becoming a valuable source of in-formation to what and who we intend to become, and the superman idea goes hand in hand with an eternally recurring idea, as if a genetic disposition has always been typed, into the very seed of evolution.

This can not be destroyed even within the mistaken notion of major cataclysm , as prefigured in the end times, because the end of our conscious realization of the destructive nature of man, specifically as we know it, does no justice to the idea that 'nothingness' is merely due to the very limited and relative place we put ourselves in the cosmos.

All the nukes in the world exploded in one instant don't compare some of the violent cosmological explosions, as what mega black holes can cause.

But always, the rebirth of It's self consciousness (of parts of the cosmos) to become aware of It's very Being, creates, must create the impression , that there are no spatial or temporal distinctions between 'Them'

Proof? - we exist merely by subsisting ourselves into this cosmic necessity, and the cure is always predicated on letting it go, the memory of our fear of listless, of the mechanics of our existence.

Can this be viewed as the Super Intelligence of universal Being? Yes, because our not remembering the huge unconscious re-formative powers, is proof of the very mechanics of the existential coming to be of Being. There is an absolute certainty in this process, otherwise non-existence and non being would not be thought as exclusively developed systems.

It is always a venture into the porous interface of eternal persona.

The energy of coherent systems of the tie ins overcoming the tie outs, shows overwhelming force, of a process that can be characterized as Cosmic Consciousness' Super Intelligence.

This process can be understood before a total eclipse of memory loss occurs, and the only metaphor that comes to mind, is an individual approaching a monster black hole, where the energy required to pull back from absolute disintegration is so large that it spreads out time space inversely, so as to never reach it. The horizon becomes the proof of this, and the absolute never happens as it always breaks into smaller and smaller bits of energy, overcoming the dark pull.

If it wasn't this way, it could not generate to incredible power of conscious life. But since it does, and IT IS, certainty is absolute .

If this is realized , a return to doubt will appear as a total ways of time.

Fragmented pre-Decaetes dualism and subsequent development of the philosophy of mind prove this out.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:08 am
by Meno_
New dream :

I was being judged by a woman but it could have been a man. When I awoke I thought thought wjatsnthis now? Can I be judged? Who cares?

Them it occurred to me extremely important milestone, and who cares also about my boundary issues, that I've perceived since I was a kid, similar to Jung's? And what if it's true.

And I am not different in kind, after all, that should do it. And then my soon to occur travel to Asia comes to mind, where there will be plenty of time for real judgement for the sake of exchanges of power.

And what of I loose? Isn't loatness for ever my battle cry?

But such a price, and the coming of a perhaps a week of insomnia , so as not to dream.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:58 am
by Meno_
Possible preliminary :

The ideal situation suppressed , denies conscious manifestation of the unstable. subconscious situation , therefore suppression conflating the variables from within and without , creates an urgency do differentiate the situation from the context and the individuation within.

The more suppressed , the more contrasting the individuation. from the situation .(contrasting here is referred to in the sense of transformative yet unknown forces relating perception and cognition)

However surpression creates a tension which eventually breaks open the sublimation. of the ideal as unconscious/affect and break the barrier
Into conscious/effect.

This is the danger of pseudo representation of ideal situations.

Re: Could You interpret my dream?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:05 am
by Meno_
How do the dreams tie in with this interpretation?