Heterosexuality is homosexuality and homosexuality is homose

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Heterosexuality is homosexuality and homosexuality is homose

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:27 pm

My whole life I have only looked at shemale porn, heterosexual porn, lesbian porn and female masturbation porn. I have only been aroused at gay porn one time. Suffice to say, I fap to only porn which has girls in it. Gay porn makes me feel a bit awkward.

But all I’m saying is, if I had this body Image there’d be a lot of happy guys. If I could possess a girl’s body, I would be the biggest whore and bi as hell. Because I would feel no shame, it would be someone else’s body not my own body, I could do whatever I want.

I think most heterosexuals are like this, I talk to straight dudes and ask them if one day they woke up as girl, what would happen, they tell me they would suck so much dick. I think most heterosexuals are attracted to the idea of heterosexuality, the idea of a girl being with a man. I think this is why men deny having a feminine side, because they want to fulfill the role of a man because they idealize heterosexuality, when they are really just a girl playing the role of the man in order to please other girls. An example of this is Sheriff Carter in Eureka, deep down I think he has a female mind but fulfills the role of a man for other women. This was also made into a joke in one of the episodes where Sheriff has the symptoms of pregnancy.

There are three types of transsexuals, heterosexual transsexuals lesbian transsexuals and bi transsexuals, I think basically heterosexual transsexuals believe in heterosexuality but would rather be the woman than the man, or man than the woman. Most heterosexual transsexuals live a straight lifestyle as a man attracted to women, then suddenly flip flop and say they are a woman only attracted to men. I think lesbian transsexuals have high estrogen and are scared of penis, I think bi transsexuals have medium testosterone and flip flop constantly. I think some lesbian transsexuals have high testosterone, which is converted into high estrogen.

The point is, I think we all just want to make ourselves and everybody happy, this is what drives us in everything we do, this is why we make art and get happy contributing ideas to society, humans just want to make everyone happy and this is what makes us human, we have kindness compassion and sympathy for others. The true test of strength is if we can feel comfortable around ugly people, most people cannot, deep down we want ugly people to be happy but don’t feel comfortable around them, so in that case we must step up, be a pimp, we don’t have to fuck them ourselves but we try our damndest to place that responsibility on someone else. By finding them some hot, fine and sexy whores in heat so we don’t have to. And goddamn, this is what it truly means being human.
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