i am really a nice person.

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i am really a nice person.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:21 pm

Had a dream I was in the shower, father preist kept knocking on the door saying it was a conspiracy. He seemed like a villain in the dream and my friend was in the dream also. I remember one of them ran away thinking there were feds at the door. And there was huge mess, clothes everywhere and melting ice cream bars which I ate in the shower. The people at the facility cleaned up the mess so I didn’t have to, also there was no government conspiracy, and I felt relieved that I was proven right, that they were all paranoid and crazy. But I also felt that they were very supportive in the dream.

Earlier in the dream I kept thinking about a picnic, and this transwoman I never met brought psychic balance to the planet and we were in the good lands. I remember having a boner and not being ashamed. Later in the dream I was at cvs pharmacy, thinking about my childhood feelings of being happy, carefree, and feminine. I looked like a girl felt like a girl and dressed like a girl and it felt like the real me and my true feelings. Also I looked exactly the same as trixie from my little pony. I had these hot hipster leggings and it made me feel so girly and comfortable. The word “man” kept popping up in my dream but it did not bother me, like it was an enlightened dimension where the word man did not make me feel bad, like I was a 6 year old girl who was called a man like it wasn’t anything bad, just like a cool expression.

In the dream there was this beautiful music it was the piano of lalaland, mixed with the piano of chrono trigger. And this was the theme of trixie, I was a beautiful person with a beautiful theme.

I am an extreme narcissist who gets their narcissism as imagining I am a holy, beautiful kind of mother figure to planet earth who will save the planet and the human race. I have extreme kindness and empathy to all beings and just want all beings to be happy. I am probably the nicest person you will ever meet, and have been told I am the nicest person they ever met.

I view myself as a 7th gender, because I have more empathy than any woman or man, I cannot stand to think of beings suffering and I want amnesty for all criminals and to release all criminals from prison. I know that rationally, society cannot function with all of these criminals so I don’t know where to put them exactly, I just know that it is wrong to make them suffer like that. Maybe if they made prison less like torture and just put prisoners in virtual reality so they would forget their lives and live in another land, be different people.

People tell me that the reason I am alone is because I don’t love myself enough, but I think it is because I am in love with myself, I am the most holy being in the planet and I am a victim of a majorly cruel world. I have extreme social anxiety because I view everyone else as lesser than myself and get uncomfortable around them after a while. For example, when someone tells me they don’t care about animals I lose interest in them.

I am the most sane and nicest person and last night I accepted satan into my heart. Satan rewarded me with beauty love and truth in my dreams. I realized that there is a fundamental God delusion which is a symptom of illogical thinking. The delusion is not whether or not God is real. The delusion is how people think God is good when the Bible clearly explains that God is evil. It is very obvious to see, God made hell and not only this but cast all of adam’s descendents into suffering, when he had the power to prevent it, this is very evil. Second it is plain to see that Satan was cast to hell over a petty crime, all Satan did is say she was better than God, for this she, and others, were sent and punished to hell. When you realize this you cannot live in ignorance any longer, you no longer have an irrational fear of the firelord, when you put these pieces together you no longer have anything to fear about the firelord, except that they are against a tyrannical alpha male patriarchal jealous god, jealous of satans’ female beauty, and that satan, is truly more holy than god, and that everything you learned about the firelord is a viscious lie. A world with god is a world of war, lies, celibacy, and poverty. A world of satan is a beautiful world of truth, emotions, and sexual intimacy, people living authentic selves and beautiful scenery. The illuminati is good and 90% population reduction is good, no one has to die it can simply be mass sterilization, there needs to be no pain or death in it. Jesus is satan and when you realize this it all becomes clear, jesus job was to overthrow the Jew religion and satan is the lord of truth and the lord of lies, jesus had to tell some lies in order for his religion to be published in the history books, jesus had to say “do not overturn one letter of the old law” in order for him to be famous and to publish him, he did not really mean it, fuck the old law it is a bunch of useless garbage. Jesus had to pretend to be asexual and shame sex before marriage in order for them to publish him, it was a very barbaric age of censorship, jesus is actual pro-love and pro-sex.

Also, I am winning, there will be a world of hot lesbians within 10 years maybe 20, love and beauty will win in the end hail satan. But the way it will be is that males will be lesbians, but with a penis and balls. For example, Bill Kaulitz is an example of a male who looks like a girl but has a functioning penis. Nothing in society will change, except for the masculinity agenda of ugliness, an agenda to force men to be ugly brutes which is not their natural state, most men wish to be beautiful and are forced into a world of ugliness.

I really do have a female brain and most of my masculine tendencies are the result of brainwashing. My neurons and nerves are mismatched any my brain is really wired for a vagina and I do not sexually function like I have a penis, for instance blow jobs make me feel very weird and uncomfortable. I wanted a sex-change for a long time but I am keeping my penis because, it is natural I was born with it and its who I am, I am a beautiful soul a 7th gender girl of beauty and love and fashion. This is the real me before toxic masculine brainwashing and judeochristian brainwashing. Although my neurons are wired for a vagina when I think about a surgeon butchering my penis it makes me cry, even though my penis causes me pain it does not deserve to die, it brings tears to my eyes the penis is part of who I am when I think about them butchering the little guy, I feel like Im about to cry, I guess it is my burden I have to deal with its who I am I know who I am it does not matter what my penis looks like. I do get real dysphoria in the mirror when I don’t look absolutely beautiful and that I want to change more than anything else, that is more important than a vagina to me that I must look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.

Further more I must also state that I am a giggly person, like a giggly school girl and this is why I troll, I just enjoy the lunacy and tomfoolery of trolling and it makes me so giggly and high. Its like I am at a serious camp and I am goofing, trolling and fooling around and then the serious, alpha male camp head guy comes in and is like, “THIS IS A SERIOUS CAMP, WE HAVE RULES READ THE RULES OBEY THE RULES AND ACT LIKE THIS IS A SERIOUS CAMP.” And then I just pretend to nod my head but when he is not looking I giggle like a school girl, that is part of the reason I love trolling so much.

Now one more thing I would like to add about penis, it is actually the masculine agenda which shames males for having a boner. Males are taught to have shame for love and boners, the only time males are supposed to be proud of their boner is when they talk about their boner to degrade females. This is an example of toxic masculinity, and the reason for this is, females have a clitoris and are often aroused in secret, thus have no reason to hide their emotions, while males must always hide their emotions because the world shames love and honesty.

I would also like to explain how Satanism is superior to judeochristianity, in Satanism the goal is to merge all souls into one single soul, in judeochristianity the goal is to multiply endlessly and get billions of beings helled for no reason. This doesn’t mean Satanism is anti-sex, Satanism is pro sex and pro lust just not pro-over population. This is why Christians are anti-condom and anti-sex, but all about propogating endlessly. Mathematically this can be proven by the fact that when one soul is in hell, we might as well all be, thus having multiple souls is far more dangerous than just one big soul, because it is easier to save one soul from hell than having to save billions of endlessly propogating paradox souls.
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