Why the Feminization of males is Scientifically inevitable.

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Why the Feminization of males is Scientifically inevitable.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:40 pm

The mathematics of it are thus. Here is my unbiased opinion.

-Apes and baboons, doing baboon things.
-Males go out into woods doing the hunting, while females are chained to the village in order to take care of the kids.
-Over aeons the males get a very keen intellect from all of the outdoors stimuli, while the females get a very specialized intellect.
-Because of this advanced intellect, males are are adept and becoming overlords, planners.
-With their larger brains, they desire just to - sit, think, and plan. They become more conscious and so more afraid of danger and venturing outdoors.
-Now due to their evolved brains, men are best served sitting inside of the village, taking care of the kids, and teaching the kids with their advanced brains.
-The males overlord the females, assign them to hunting groups, and direct the females into the outdoors as worker units. The females are now the workers and the males are the overlords, village defenders and child-rearers.
-At this point in time, males have female looking bodies, tender flesh, beauty, and boobs, while females are skinny, muscular, and bony.
-Over aeons, the females brains starts to evolve from all the stimuli, and now the females want to return to the village and overlord the males.
And now neither gender wants to go outdoors, and the Second Technological Age occurs - a higher evolution of technology and convenience.
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