Schizophrenia and trasexualism the solution to genius?

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Schizophrenia and trasexualism the solution to genius?

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:25 pm

We all know it, we all sense it.

Don't tell anyone, but my meds make my brain feel like a rock.

Without my meds, it's like Genius Mode engaged Warp 7 capi-t-an.

Let us examine the facts.

Schizophrenia is associated with excessively high dopamine levels.

So, meds reduce and regulate dopamine levels.

Kelly Jones, a moderator of Men of the Infinite, which is the partner of Genius Forums, claims to be Genius, 25 years of how "to think", and claims to have schizoid personality disorder.

Ecmandu, let's all say the facts, is batpoop insane, yet I would say is a Genius at what he does, whatever that may be.

Einstein, had to be crazy to walk 1000 miles for no reason, and most of his theories are poop, yet he is a Math Genius, because let's face the facts, his mathematics exactly align with his bogus theories, and that takes skill.

Satyr, some don't like him, but I'd say he is a genius, and he probably has schizoid personality disorder, since he is obsessed with nature and says things like "I wish I lived in the middle of nowhere so I wouldn't have to deal with any fucks that come knocking at my door!"

Schizoid personality is associated with an aversion to human interaction and obsession with nature.
Paranoid schizophrenia is similar to this but a bit different.
I would say both are characterized with excessive dopamine for one simple reason - These are content with themselves therefore they have less need of others. Thus cost/risk assessment associated with other people is negative, there is a higher chance that human interactions will negate their mood, rather than boon it, thus interactions are avoided.
However, this is not to say that such beings are content with no interactions at all, they are not 'perfectly" content with themselves and will go utterly crazy if they never find anyone they can relate to.

In Dexter's lab, Didi has hypermania (correlated with excessive dopamine and schizophrenia) and so Dexter has a genetic tendency in the family for this, however he converts these energies to Science.

What this has to do with trasexualism? Dopamine is a feminizing chemical.
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