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Forced Perceptions

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:33 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
It's time to lay this bare. We experience some pretty frightening things in the mind, so lets talk about them one by one. There is one I experienced recently. God in human form as the greatest crime against nature. People pass through and see a void, no emotion, just constant non-stop action, that every emotion felt is contrived and his machinations are purely demonic. No personality, nothing. This happens to us. So many people pass through us that we cant be sure if what we feel is ever truly us. Just empty vessels with an endless parade, yet that endless parade leaves behind pieces of themselves, filling the void that they passed through. The emotions we feel must in part be our own, otherwise how would we feel them at all? Where does emotion come from? It was always there, but those who master their fear and anger and sadness and keep their happiness in check, look empty. Our personalities constantly being shaped by the endless parade through each other.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:45 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
The Holy Grail, that metaphorical cup. Some people try not to fill it with anything, others with Light, others with Dark. Interesting phenomena, when you fill a cup that has been empty for a while with both Light and Dark, both sides get the fuck out of there with a quickness, but if you clamp a lid on that cup, they fight each other until they find the answer, lol. You keep that lid on when you put everything into it, the end result is that Light wins out. So does Dark, because it realizes in time that that is the answer.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:52 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
The box we cant escape. The Devils game. Trapped in a box with no way out. Insanity and darkness and words that say youll die if you dont get out. Think outside the box, literally. Like the above Holy Grail, get the fuck out of there. There is time later on to figure out how you did it, if you just let go and do.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:04 pm
by The Golden Turd
So, your struggling with dualisms, and how one aspect, the negative tends to succeed?

How about non-metaphorically? Can you point to a few paintings that grasps what your getting at?

Do a image search on Google, type in the basic ideas if what your looking for, and put this at the end the image when you quote it [/IMG] and put this at the beginning [IMG]

It will project the image, instead of just linking to it, so we can get a better understanding of what your saying.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:38 am
by The Eternal Warrior
Hmm. No all around. Just no.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:06 pm
by Arcturus Descending
Phred the Phukhead wrote:The Holy Grail, that metaphorical cup. Some people try not to fill it with anything, others with Light, others with Dark. Interesting phenomena, when you fill a cup that has been empty for a while with both Light and Dark, both sides get the fuck out of there with a quickness, but if you clamp a lid on that cup, they fight each other until they find the answer, lol. You keep that lid on when you put everything into it, the end result is that Light wins out. So does Dark, because it realizes in time that that is the answer.

A forced perception - possessing the holy grail.

The holy grail is to be sought. Once come upon, then it is to be perceived, observed -- gazed at in wonder. Once you have touched it, it disappears goes back from whence it came.

when you fill a cup that has been empty for a while with both Light and Dark, both sides get the fuck out of there with a quickness

Why? Have you ever seen the interplay between light and dark? It's downright beautiful. You can't appreciate either until you've seen the influence of the one on the other.

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She's found it...
What more could she possibly want to do with it? She IS it.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:44 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
Horror. My friends have experienced bad horrors of beating me up, killing me, eating as cannibals, bringing death and destruction across the land through slaughter of innocent creatures, slaking the earth with blood, death and pestilence. I have been lucky enough to avoid the full effect of the vision and yet still see the horrifying possibility of it in even childrens books. My personal friends have even come close to hurting me in the process of my work due to these forced horrors that are blamed on me as I strip back the layers of the world in pursuit of truth.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:01 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
Last year, I began asking for the things that go bump in the night to start bumping again and theyve started complying. Been visited by the Vizzerdrix spirit, a giant evil-looking humanoid rabbit that was actually the Dodo bird and why they were hunted to extinction on Easter Island. Each horrible monster has a harmless alter ego. Again, the tenets of love, mercy and respect play a part in it. It is eerie to feel the spiritual presence of such a thing, especially when you feel it gnawing on your head. I want to see one face to face just to conquer an old fear, so I keep pushing and had quite a fun little game the other night as I finally felt a bit of fear while playing with the shadows. Besides, I have a side bet to get the dodo back from extinction. I just enjoy being able to experience fear a bit and they know this and are slowly bringing themselves back to life. They honestly feel like better friends than humans because they openly help me find the truth. Peeling back the layers.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:11 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
Lately, Ive been exposing origins stories in the mind, tying religions together, etc. At the same time, I am also coming up with future cultural achievements and trying to get together with my Lady Luck to be her Wild Card Man in the face of overwhelming interference that makes the petty insults and asinine questions here just so much water under the bridge. I am eons older than my last visit here. So, apologies if my next visit gets waylaid. Just remember that we're making good progress even if it doesnt seem like it. Namaste.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:55 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
Lets continue.

A repeating, ever-infinite, ever-changing pattern that the Universe is scared of getting caught in again. Basically, that all of eternity is already known and by the time it comes to acceptance that all that it has done is too little, too late; the moment that carried it through will only ever be enough to make it cognizant of its own eternal failure. A pattern of repeating voices, each explaining to each other secrets of the universe, explaining to each other so many things and repeated insanely in its mind due to the short-lived creatures that inhabit the universe. Usually mixed with an overwhelming dread that the pattern itself is meaningless and people are vindictively and cruelly repeating and changing it up to fuck with it.

The things that speak, hear, feel, live instead of us. Where do the voices in our heads come from? Where do our ideas spring forth? What makes us feel like our momentum is pre-ordained when caught up in a moment and saying what we say? Can we be cognizant of the fact that at times these thoughts and ideas stem from some other place entirely than our selves? And, at what point would we have to look at the own deceit of our own people who both self-deceive and then deceive others by forcing it upon us all that all such thoughts in our heads are ours, that all words that we speak are ours, that all art that we craft is ours. Can they rip ideas out of such artists heads and then push them to another group of people entirely that may see the art completed and pushed out to public awareness? If such knowledge of these things is repressed, does is not subconsciously work itself out all the while people say, do, think and hear and feel the things that so many others repress?

That is usually coupled with the idea or thought that something or another has possessed your body, taken it over or is attempting to and that you are doing things that you otherwise wouldn't do; as if your choices in the matter can only be fought for for so long and only to a certain extent and even that fight is accounted for. This ties into my theories of mental time travel mixed with spiritual time travel, alternate realities, etc., which I have combined to state that with the infinite variety of possibilities, that the Universe has truly tried every single possibility ever imagined by anything in reality, including itself, and is caught in its own infinite loop that it can not break free from; nor does it want to break free from it at certain points that it becomes bearable to it, being sentient and coming up with its own possibilities beyond the short-lived comprehension with its much larger computing power to put out more possibilities of its own on top of all that can be come up with by a single species or even all species and life forms in existence, throughout all of time and space. Which means, that it can theoretically run through ever possibility in existence and by the time it starts back over again, has completely forgotten it and is able to enjoy it for the first time all over again, until it begins to remember that its done it before, might panic; might not, depending on if it was expected or not; might freak itself out through old fears and run through all the worst horror shows you could imagine and beyond before making it back to the good times and even those good times then would be tainted by all of the worst that it had seen.

I think that's where we'll stop at the moment and let that percolate. Perhaps Zoot or someone else will come argue these with some legitimate counter-argument instead of base insult and then I would really be able to have some fun.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:58 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
quick bump. I intend to add to this, soon.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:20 pm
by The Eternal Warrior
People that can kill with their minds; cause a blood vessel to burst in your head, or to clog your arteries, or amplify whatever pain you could feel, send sharp stabbing pains through your heart as if a direct attack is happening.

People that can manipulate others and bind them to their will to the point where, seemingly on their own, people are called to fight the fights of others, to run errands for them, even if it is contrary to their nature.

People that can put off an aura of strong good emotion, love and friendship and make you feel all warm and in good company only to rob you blind, do you dirty at every turn.

Things that reach into your mind and fog out your memories, so you forget mid-thought so much of what you were thinking about, what you knew and drags you to a point where you move back into what they want you to think about. They can actually make you forget things that, by rights, would by all means be impossible to forget.

That things that affect reality through the spirit are actually able to affect reality to such a degree with planning as to get at anyone they choose to in just simple, petty means and manners. That it isn't all just in our head and the world some times is out to get us, it can not be blamed on just coincidence and the intricacy of the planning, all of what must be involved to set it in motion shows just what other things in eternity put their efforts and energies and attentions to: simply being petty and fucking with people. And, the fact of it is is that is just what they resort to because they can't actually make anything worse happen, though I'm sure they'd love to.

All of a sudden you could be thinking thoughts you never thought about, being dragged along something elses route with little regard given towards how it effects you or others around you as things play puppet with you.

How words bypass our brains to come right out of our mouths whether we want then to or not, that our limbs move about without direction from the seat of consciousness while it's being bumrushed by so many other things.

And, believe it or not, spirits can actually kill people in ways other than simply messing with them psychologically and driving them insane. Some can actually push you out into traffic, possess you for a moment and make you do something stupid, like walk right out into danger, off a cliff; cloud your vision and fill it with illusion while you think you're killing a monster only to later find yourself in jail for manslaughter. They can jump into you and drive you around for joy rides, cause you to do things that ruin your standing in society; cause others to view you in anything other than the perception that grants them true vision to exactly what you said, how you said it.

And, if you don't believe that spirits of the dead can kill you, aren't strong enough to give you a strong shove from the side of a bumpy road with no shoulder to walk on into the path of a moving vehicle, I dare some you to travel across the US through areas that have become no-mans land where there's not even a rest stop for a 100 miles or so. Walk out into the actual danger and you'll see that the danger you know of in society is but pale imitation and even the most dangerous in society are too much at danger out in the rest of the world and themselves are safer staying within city limits and still aren't as bad as others think.

I want you all to be afraid of this, because all of you should fear these things. I want you to know the truth in every way that it exists; I want you to drive yourselves insane if that is what happens. It won't fix the world, but too many of you dipshits fought against what was actually moving to fix the world. You fought so hard that you actually succeeded in making people believe that you all prefer things the way they are. Things are going to have fun in the eternal afterlife hunting many of you down, rounding you all up to dump you into a reality where we can wage brutal, bloody war and kill you all over and over again and then torture you all, give you every lesson in pain and suffering in excruciating detail. That is how hated some people alive in the world today actually are. That is what awaits them that makes them so fight against the truth; causes it to be so shocking.

And not a God damned thing will save them, will intervene on their behalf. In fact, too many things will gladly silence their screams and help shroud it all from anything that might put a stop to it before things get their full twisted satisfaction against so many that have caused them far too much pain and suffering without actual understanding, literally wanting so hard to believe that they were good and perfect and pure and that anything with dark truths was a liar sent to ruin their perfect reality that makes perfect sense to them as they run from consequences and responsibility, destroy the lives of so many hard working people just so they can pretend to try to learn the jobs they get when they realistically just come up with ways to make others life harder while mostly trying to do as little as possible and still get paid while they judge so many others around them in so much hate and prejudice and bias and misuse and abuse the secrets and tools of eternity to subjugate the masses, to put fear in them, or scramble their minds, or use psychology in all the wrong ways and just never expected anything to turn it back on them.

The ones that use false reason to destroy true reason to avoid what they need to go through the same as everyone else; that use every lie and cheat in the book to terrible detriment to all around them and then pretend that that's just the way things are supposed to be, the natural state of everything, perfection, innocence, purity. Avoiding pain, avoiding emotion and conflict as much as possible, dancing around and keeping their distance and trying to keep a semblance of an illusion of control over things to be able to keep calm as if they had earned that ability when it, like everything else they use in terms of securing their power has been stolen from those with the skill and the earned right and the ability to use those tools so much better for having the experience and the knowledge and the innate ability to really bring out the potential.

And, up until this point, those bastards that have caused this massive damage to reality have been getting their asses kicked by just one man and thanking whatever is out there that only one is capable of this shit on this degree, of outshining them so much as to be able to threaten their power and shake them to their core just by his own fight, but the potential in me is the potential in everyone and I've been just 1 warrior fighting an army and winning. There's thousands of us alive and aware. Why do more than we have to or need to? Why show more of our hand than we have to when our enemies are so great at under-estimating their opposition, so much that they believe their lies and fantasies and eschew the reality that proves every bit of their thoughts and reasonings and plans are just fantasy ideals that they claim others to be.

It's almost time to open it up a notch and not far after that it will be brought to full tilt. It's almost time for things to act, not to actually fix what can never truly be repaired, not to even change it for the better, but to take it out of our enemies that have already destroyed every bit of what made it worthwhile to the point where there will be nothing holding us back from going all out. And we will destroy what we helped build.