A cabin fever

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A cabin fever

Postby cauchy3 » Sat Feb 28, 2004 12:30 am

A cabin fever
When you swim in the middle of the air inside the cabin of a love-cruiser, you feel the relaxations that come over all your body.
When you wash your body with the shower of the beach inside a shelter then you find yourself with your clumsy feet.
I am an experimental man with no privacy and I could not refuse to tell you my truths. Life of me has not been as true as a very nice man.
Evil thoughts come out as some outcomes for the shortages for some means of a good life or good hopes to some days that I die.
Once there are so many worries about the ways to maintain a living for my self and my mother.
Hospital fee would cost all our pennies if my mother stays in some intensive care unit of some private hospital for twenty days.
Now psychologies support me in my lateral side with some promises but few of them are done. My mother abuses me with financial problems always.
However my mind gradually comes to some balance. One psychologist tell me that I will got paid from my experiments but on the other way I found them to conquer my sentient many time when I feel good and comfort.
They assaulted me mentally by making slam sounds of doors. The mirage and my future wife who is some one unknown are full of sense of dominance in each step when those psychologists have words of any benefits.
I have decided to refuse to be the beneficiaries for several times however they keep on persuade me with all kinds of goods of goddess.
On the status she has the manner of some correct and good lady to be told with. However in the over tone all the pillars are made by moneys.
I have seriously warned them that I wish her help in finance, her talents but may be her full submissions. Each time the marriage- talks and imaginations are ceased on both sides but before long they give me similar persuades on thus matters again.
I wish to know whether the doctors and directors behind them are real instrumentalism and whether I am toy dog or some paper labels. To act properly according to one status can not be explained to stick to justices. Do you agree my judge?
They are not cupids but cuspids or those are canines or cains. Clefts of a mirror are the care to hide many goblins but are we some devil?
For one individualist when roots of trees from the eastern soils are recovery from rains then the unhappiness of the soil on some opposite sides might be the wraths to some evils.
When every thing is on her wishes then it is heaven and hell. She knows each thought of my pass but she is just one beautiful art of white squares that draw on white boards.
Sun is often very hot when it is overlook my cabin that is full of cabin fever. Therefore my minds are full of dizzies but I have the fears to take my clumsy shower in a place that is full of sands.
I know my loves and her loves are only something on the rim of the ring. She is holly lily but I am dirty grasses. Outwardly she has nothing that is rationalized but inwardly I have nothing reasonable as she or as my mother wishes.
The contacts and detail for my mother is to conspire rather then to consult those professional psychologists and doctors.
The infallible conducts of those peoples are completed by my vilifications or impacts to my own. Both parties on both sides have something which are wrong or misbehavior in the verdicts of truths or even the laws.
Accidents but crimes may cause damage to lives and properties. Fires have not overcome ices drops but I am too shameful to tell the truths. The associative thoughts of a match that match with ice drops in many rounds.
That naughty child also attest some one (me) for paedophilia. He treats me always quite bad but not many times they give me favors.
One day he suddenly molest me by tease the opening of my urethra without a given sights. Honestly I was confined to sex intercourse and my dreams have come to my brains.
Within my dreams they have sex actions for copulations beside many sexual symbols. Fires have not overcome ice-drops but many others. Je n’ ai pas reves avoir des rapports. However I am my master of my dog and I am fond of my dog in my dream many years latter.
Are there any connections to these two types of sexes? It is a matter of facts there are many things happen to affect our brains and they are un -avoided.
L. Kanner (olden man) good with psychiatry but poor in theory with autisms. The beauty of the pisces are struggles in rivers for their lives. I belong to pisces and my struggles with my mother have occupy a whole little cabin.
The glabrous and smooth head of a num has pubic hairs in normal. I need feathers and bird s wings to cover all its disabilities. My brain is yellow but not orange of an orange.
Debts are acquittals but the world is full of flightiness. Definitely some colors will change will the theory about dark energy of our universe support Albert Einstein views? Should I call myself some one? Tu essayez ces-robes orange ou ces robes jaune. You are some bad person or some cowards. Waters are still cool inside the cabana but all thoughts inside a love-cruiser may be more warm and comfortable.
However there may be jelly fish on the floor of the loves boats but there may be silvery-white pearls in the cabana. Beautiful girls are still more pretty in a common bath-shelter and beautiful minds are full of wisdom inside a common building.
Different feet wear different brand-new sandals, metallic celine-shoes or scholl-shoes are gold.
Plastic or clothes are shoes are for coolies. I only wish to kiss some beautiful bare feet. Je vais embrasser sur les pied spur ceux qui sont beau. Orange and yellow are mix like to kiss each other.
Orange et jaune font s’embrasser après frequenter quelque. Ce ne par la baignoire de la cabane ou quelque chose pour tu? What is your choice a common bath-shelter or something else?

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