A cleaner (major)

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

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A cleaner (major)

Postby cauchy3 » Thu Jan 01, 2004 5:15 am

A cleaner
One hour talk with psychologist with mesmerize for true character. The joke about psychological hypnology and analysis is some possibilities for a person to swim on air like a fish when you have the cradle song in your own mind.
In reality I am the son of a major but in my dream there are so many things for me to consider. I know that if a major s son becomes a major then there is any need to be a main general. His job would exceed the route of writing poems and articles. There are so many friends to deal with and some of them are so disgust or vicious gangs.
Actually the best way is to make care of them as some over figures. May be my dream is to promote my self a little bit. I hear that for a spy one had to invite new fans. May be one had to go to some street full of red lights and seducements.
With some few euphemistic words or symbols one can enchant some other who seek shelter to your country. Probably she is a whoremaster who has some sexual or good looks. As a true spy you have to kiss some residues of her smokes from her mouth just like kissing your beloved countess or some queen.
You have to make sure how many police officers or chief commanders go whoring with an empty pocket. There have how many district assemblies put snows on fires. If some of them stand on our ways or even stamp on our friends then legal shows might procedure but the actress are all whores. If any one misuses my words by some substitutions then you are in some edges to ask the God to educate the evils. Political issues some times are more complicate to know by out layers.
The second kinds of human pipe organs for you to addict to is the stage to show all your fancies and some attest of your real characters. If you want to be a main general because you want to exclude the possibilities to be tamed by the main brain of a triad societies then you had better play the loved cards. He never wish to work under some wreak person who can endanger his benefits. You had better to show him that you are you are the same kind of man as him.
I hear that it is so right in some shows like the casabana or flying eagle. Spies many have venereal diseases or herpes that are heal my God. Sex is the jobs of spies and also the compatibilities of temperaments to all others. You better accept some invitations of sex intercourses with his girls. I hear that It is hard to control triad society for a major if he have not promote to main general.
I have all of the dreams and fancies to seek for some pipe cleaner. I myself had never visit a brothel as I afraid of any venereal diseases. Conversely if I had the chance I will pass all test because I am so true a person who enjoy sex in the ways that I mentioned. It might not be sin to make use some officers of our opposite countries. Now I give what I hear and what I know for realities. Some official briefs are treasures of all celebrated scholars. As a matter of facts herpes are here for many years but there are always many asses or whips kissers but books and wisdoms are progressive books but all bibles are so aggressive to human weakness. My final words is to forget the freak God and just to have your own conscientiousness
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