sexes normal and abnormal

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sexes normal and abnormal

Postby cauchy3 » Sat Dec 27, 2003 10:06 am

Sexes normal or abnormal

Psychologically it is shameful to have oral sex for men to men. I have seen some posts on sites which blame on people on this. To suck man s cock with mans mouth but biologically it is good. It is soft in the jaws and stimulated the buds. I stayed late at night along and I write down this. So am I abnormal in the views of psychology. Dear I am a love –orphan and a loneliness step son. We are tonight s hostages and tomorrow s slaves: agree? No matter you are fiend blonds or man. I am something scampi to prawns, cats to rats , snake to insects much more you are vipers but I am venoms.
I always use electronic dictionary while writing but besides it what I still need is more hardwares and softwares: my cerebrum, my brain, my nerves, my memories, and my feelings. After all is my intelligences which are obtained from studies or life experiences. I think that Bio-sexes are more complete by natures which is deep inside your Neuro-systems. Heterosexuality can bring high pleasures. Homosexuality may also perfect unless you felt excited though some enchantments with both sexes. May be it is because you want too much more esteems from same sexes (man with man) There are too many rivals turn to hatreds. Mans always need privileges over man which much less competency with women. The opposites are to some women so there may more easy for lesbians with the appreciations from men.
Do you not honest enough to like lesbians if you are men. This may violated your ethics but I just appraise sex on other point of views. I am sorry if I offend you people. Homosexuality is not general or common sexual behaviors?
I know that you are not right to the very centers of justices. How our society and our ethnics have more justices so making sexes more opened and less susceptible to oppressions that faced at everywhere. What are your torments would depend on your carries and life attitudes. That is who you are. If you come from famous society like something royal or big-timers who are first believe to be punctilious or careful in behaviors. And are you a merciful person then you may or may not be treated very badly.
For Homosexuality depend on the relationships of a person to their same and opposite parents and their religious views. It also depend on environments like drugs and friends and their influence on you and your responds besides your choices. Finally I stress on that is neuro-systems of our own as our anal nerves need true stimulations and whether women or men need sexual ****reciprocals**** . We like responds from some organs and reactions that are very similar or familiar to our body and even our genes. You like and love the one with your same feelings so it is nature for you to stimulate them inside your subconscious.
For some sexes that may be normal or abnormal I write down. When drugs first weaken your sense to resist and them some body give you pleasures afterwards. As friends are kind to you before or after while you have troubles or have been ill-treated by others then you may follow. The worst of all is nymphomania or SM sexes intercourses in terms of gay. Another is the rebellions from laws and the unhappy environments. So even homosexuality is not pleasures for them quite really but they were pleased. This may not be long termed. There must some reasons to hate the opposite or same sexes. If one to be a doctor one had to be more willing to be considerate or comprehensive.
The fundamental desire for sexes is to acquire pleasures not insults. So with willingness quite fully and through out the process is normal sexes that is besides health or hygiene cases which is another issue. True SM may be abnormal donates and even some of them go over the edges of life. Also for desires and lusts sometimes they are analogy to their opposite. Still water runs deep. This is also the belief for sexual peoples have not true loves but to me sexes are quite complete and loves are only raw. Especially for nowadays we fear of things abstract like we afraid very much to be broke down financially. Money can talk also they are by far and by near. So you only wish to be a professional nice or responsible PERSONAL
If you stress on human libido like youngs playing or hiking on lidos but what about moneys then it is something beyond. To be bewildered or even being raped but if you are wealthy and if you are not being harmed very much then you may sustain a healthy life later on unless you are some fierce beasts then you belong to another jungles not our concrete one. Hey good smells beasts but I mention mine(joking). Actually some one split away the taboos may trend to become too involve in it that is hypersexuality whether it is first being done under self volatilized or to be decent. Sexes may involve moneys or other benefits and this is also true for homosexuality or raped victims. And a raped victim is bully to their offended sexes and hard to trust them. Still this general and normal in some extents to vent or outlet and there is no reason to oppressed some one to sublimated very much otherwise temples for ascetics are too many. I like to use cross for sexes games with fooling around and I even dream about galvanometers that is fires dance on electricity and lightings flashed on thunders . Ok no torn girls and I just fooling around
Life is like snow falling when cedars are tall and pines remind su for Christmas time. The only symbols are family unions but nothing dabbled for the alive of Christ. Christmas is a splendid holiday ever been. Each Christmas days even some rovers and beggars on the streets got some gifts or some more cares. Snows are warm by airs without melting. However snows for me are arrogant and winds may represent freedom and communications or contacts between peoples. Love seeds are such spread along. Sun brings warmness and it is the essences of our life but reflection of light on snow can blinded our eyes. Johnypen yearned for the glorious of our sun but finally dead for it with his spouse. Snows can freeze our cerebrums or our bodies. Meditations are too weak on this view. I need some snows but they harassed under cold winds. Finally I know I will be fatigued until I lost all my interests. Humps make men faded and cold and could not pass on so I afraid of drugs . I am quite careful with aphrodisiacs for my own. We do not live for eternity or sleep in hibernations for very long and this is history. .

By cheung shun sang
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Postby jedi_pocky » Sun Dec 28, 2003 9:11 am

i didnt understand a thing towards the end of the passage...
what say you to this?
always learning,

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Postby trix » Sun Dec 28, 2003 7:11 pm

We do not live for eternity or sleep in hibernations for very long and this is history. .

i really, really liked this line a lot.

for the rest of the post, the ideas expressed are sooooo ancient that i loved to hear them reinterperted, from what seems to be an eastern perspective. i loved it.
"Innocence is indeed a glorious thing, but it very sad that it cannot well maintain itself, being easily led astray. For this reason, even wisdom...needs science, not so as to learn from it but to secure admission and permanence to its precepts."
-- "Foundation for the Metaphysics of Morals", Kant
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Postby Skeptic » Mon Dec 29, 2003 8:24 am

I'm confused :-?
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Postby Jonb955 » Thu Mar 04, 2004 7:49 am

Lay off the cock man i don't think its helping you reach other realms of consciousness, just makes you weird.
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