Harry & Megan

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Harry & Megan

Postby Meno_ » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:09 pm

This comic opera really, parallels Trump's performance, both relieving the tremendous built up bubbles built up.
All is needed to the transatlantic plots of hilarious connections to show biz, prostitution, new world order nationalistic decline in identifiable gets, social frustration caused by loss of status across the board-degutting
the middle, the classes that 'matter' in terms of socially and identifiable structured elements.

The public can not take that in in pace with latest developments, hence, they thrive on the next edition, forgetting their confusion, and exasperation.

All the world is holding It's breath for a superman-to take up the slack, and reign it in, all of it, a brilliant executor, like. Richard the lion hearted, whereas they may hear someone like Richard III to come on stage and proclaim in this winter of discontent, " My kingdom for a horse"
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Re: Harry & Megan

Postby iambiguous » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:39 pm

"The People" are, after all, easily amused.
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Re: Harry & Megan

Postby Meno_ » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:26 pm

iambiguous wrote:"The People" are, after all, easily amused.

Well yes, until they grow up from being mere kids, even if, they are the only ones capable of seeing the naked emperor.

After that all nets are off. Bets have been off a long time ago, from a position where character can overcome the difference between the stage and ordinary life.

Even if. Monarchy has significant staying power, it can be subdued by popular opinion , but only up to a reasonable point.

That is why the nets are all off, and the result?

Nothing is free. and especially publicity turned bad. That they really go after, and then . any illusion to stardom turns delusive.

The kids will be spanked and the emperor clothes in pure gold , which even those unfortumates can not see
for they have to turn their eyes away from the glare, will not suffice

Nowedays , only gold can save the situation.


Perhaps there is no limit, even beyond gross indebtedness. Maybe only a woman, with a combination of Salome and Schenerazade could keep the entertainment going after puberty.
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