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Compression limited zone

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:39 pm
by Meno_
And then she was gone and the guidance, the codes appeared to seek revenge .

Hey buddy your PSA probably high , last night's soujurn to bathroom.

And he killed her. His angel gone, gone to heaven he took a massive dose of heroin and oxycontin knowing she already drank whyskey, and has some morphine.

He took the grandson.

Old grandad , shots.

And the grandfather thus -

She and missus walking.
Self realization center beautiful cloudless California sky, when walking with kayden, and suddenly the thought to missus : lets go back to medicine Buddha in Santa Cross like before and never mind that he killed her yet planning a separate wake he calls it a celebration of her life he should talk.

His uncle deals and he pays wholesale.

Then at the same time that she goes yeah it might work, email appears on her screen 'Santa Cross'

Instentanious, and mind boggling.

Re: Compression limited zone

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:55 pm
by Meno_
Meno_ wrote:And then she was gone and the guidance, the codes appeared to seek revenge .

Hey buddy your PSA probably high , last night's soujurn to bathroom.

And he killed her. His angel gone, gone to heaven he took a massive dose of heroin and oxycontin knowing she already drank whyskey, and has some morphine.

He took the grandson.

Old grandad , shots.

And the grandfather thus -

She and missus walking.
Self realization center beautiful cloudless California sky, when walking with kayden, and suddenly the thought to missus : lets go back to medicine Buddha in Soquel. near Santa Cruz like before and never mind that he killed her yet planning a separate wake he calls it a celebration of her life he should talk.

His uncle deals and he pays wholesale.

Tjen at the same time that she goes yeah it might work, email appears on her screen LAND OF THE MEDICINE BUDDHA. now what are the chances for that happening?

Instentanious, and mind boggling.

It is simply not possible, ..

Ahe was beside her self.
The compression unbearable like they are ripping her off, that is the price of their friendship.

She has made them all millionaires, and she is d destitute.

Course her husband is especially gifted, he has made that deal a long time ago, he bought the thinness of the mystery of love and immortality for renigging on worldly goods, his mantra has been accepted, and he must love by it's formulations.

Like Thomas Mann, livid and enlightened he has lost two children now, to drugs, and the mystery underneath, and repentance comes last.

Fast the whirring time machine the genetic trace is there, so much relinquished so fast.

Thomas Mann's triple lesson in Joseph and his brothers, found at a young age, as Jung's garden variety realization. made him ask "am I part of.the rock I am sitting on ? Am I in synch ?

Long ago far way they are.constantly born and dying, the gaps becoming as their identity slowly compress and become invisible.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:57 am
by Meno_
The zone is compressed bit wenatill habe our love. Yes we do. Can't imagine now she is gone and it was murder and this is real not fiction , at the same time our house may be taken full of antiques and one very neat and nice English park scene .ca. 1850, grabbed me back in 1990 a tree, a mystical tree which always redempts, the magical mystery goes on in a young boys heart, to whom I pledged eternal fidelity never to leave.

Today new item(s). Ameere said he went to the place where they cremated her. And paid 10 dollars to get a piece of her, a girl who rose put of the sea like by boticelli, and wanted to pay 10 for some of her, then he emailed he wants all, because of hisbamd's rights.

Calling priest.

Tell him story. Says sorry awful blah blah blah and I say maybe its all bad because sins oh forgive father ,
So he gives absolution over the phone, says You are forgiven.

Last night she smelled whyskey on breath and dumped my black label , on johnny walk on, habe some cheap wine we opened, she says as long as it is wine.

He was a dealer , had some hard time, worried because he was reported. gamble lost half , almost my savings , feel bad so bad, he wanted to avoid paying the full 1600 for her cremation, in fact he killed her

He was, they are of Islam, they are privileged to kill their wife if they sleep with another man, the man was some man who loved her at work, after he told him.

The Islamic law lets the man kill his wife for faithfulness, that is the sharia law , based on Koran, you people will never forgive for this indiscretion, bit need to write this for some one to understand,

Bit he ain't in Iran, he is in the is of a and they should abide nut they don't.

He drugged her to death, took the angel grandson that grandpa me raised now using for pawn .

He is incorrogible , no wonder xerces lost so badly to the Greeks.

Horrible stasis in the wilderness of ancient time.

No wonder they are a.menace .

He is brazen and unforgoving


Why so they let people like this into this country where decent people do not let their daughters be murdered in cold blood ?

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:58 am
by Meno_
any one who does not like this need not comment.

On so blue that my glue is becoming true.

So that pretend this never come along.

If there is evil it is this

Re: Compression limited zone

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:37 am
by Meno_
If there is evil this is it.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:54 am
by Meno_
The kid will be ok in the opinion of some he is more an animal, then human, they are right, the wonder eye the trusting soul bound to mind as I promised never to leave him.

Even as she is looking her dream, housed in delicate filigree but oh no. The law, must don't provoke him, don't give an excuse to call the cops for trespassing or something, so he can press charges

They are preposterous creatures Vacant looks. To whom impressions to others is everything, who can even defy murder by giving an impression of gentle understanding laced with phony acts of empathy, lies!

Islam enslaved my beloved Hungary, but were stopped at the gates of Maria Theresa, the noble hussars saved the day, the Sultan lost his bid to capture the Holy Roman Empire.
The kid.
The sweet kid and his felled mother, victims of the Sharia Law, practiced here in this country , the land of liberty and brotherhood, my heart is breaking

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:55 pm
by Meno_
Today. Keeping journal that my Jungian therapist thought useful at the time.

Today animal protection agency comes by , says we were reported for extreme animal cruelty, where as he was the one saying get the dog out of here cause he needed the garage for drug cultivating.

While we were at their house taking care of Angel boy grandkid.

They lie and cheat, and now

She came by checked on the tiny dog, said everything is ok if we just register her , for she was a gift

Said to wife that he wants to demolish rights of visitation by proving our house inhabitable even for dogs.
Well, at least that's not.going to happen
Just 3 shots of sunshine this morning.

Secondary effects are projections of blame .
Saw the millionaire call him Jess, he Would be nowhere if he didn't steal wife's business, now drives around sporting three expensive cars, and trying to undermine any credibility I had for self possession, and cleaning here and there at my sullenmess, purporting a desperate act to appear as usual.
Have to be here for her, the little white which, for whom I prayed at a time when I thought I may be going gay.
Little Kathy was here at a convention. just before she passed, and met her and her current companion, and warned me to be on look out for any serious reprisal if this goes further south.

This king getting some arms just in case but the only reserve I have is I won't be around to support the rest of the family.

The mansion of which are many in this neighborhood was temporarily blocked from further slide, and I resisted from going away the rest of what it took to save this last year..
More loss invites more gamble.

Outstanding criminal and child protection investigations are ongoing

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:52 pm
by Meno_
He was a plump kid and looking innocent and kind of cite like wayden, what could have posso my gone wrong?

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:59 pm
by Meno_
Hope he or his family don't read this , anyway they are.far from being philosophers. with Jess about reception. After the services, he is playing high and mighty, have to swallow a lot of his induced depersonalization , that's his way of.coping with his identification .

That I can not be moved even at the expense of being made ashamed for my wolf nature, as I came in I must come out, he is more like, going in lamblike and pityable , then assuming feral poses, and requirements for club membership, if only he knew that very expensive exhibitions can't move me, as I am doing it for her sake, who is shaky in her own milieu.

He is always monkey like searching for that crack , an Achilles heel, for he deep down knows albeit forgotten by well constructed denial , that it is not all about the material world.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:04 am
by Meno_
This morning got up with a feeling of real love, a love that can stand it, all the faults and weaknesses we impose on our self and the other, feel even sorry love toward the man who did this to my daughter, and that love is infinite and absolute.

I think we have evolved to a possibility of realizing our higher natures, and what is holding is back is temporary which can be released at will on a moment's notice. At the same time when that happens something strange starts to work within, the fear disappears, and the demarcation between life and death is softened.

Ithappens when the request to Buddha is in earnest and the feeling of giving love becomes much more then receiving it.

When it pours out toward the world. a lightness envelops and all become a peaceful.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:39 am
by Meno_
Now I am fairly to quite certain that their bottom line is Sharia Law.

It has precedent in this country.

There was a well publicized case about a Islamic girl going out with a black man. The parents found out and with the girl begging for her life , the Islamom held her 14 year old youngster down, while the dad slashed her away to her death.
When the case came to Manhattan court, the dad spit and cursed the judge, exclaiming the irrelevance of U.S. laws . Their laws sufficed universally, he stated

Of course, they were found guilty and executed as special circumstance.

I have had good friends from Lebanon and other places, and am not at.all prejudice , bit Sharia law on the U.S. is basically not a good thing

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:36 pm
by Meno_
The time leading on to this, preempted the vampire from revealing it's self, it was as if it was an attack, and it started about a year ago.

It was unknown what the source was, but now it's clear who that entity it was!

It was him!

Now the after effects are clearly visible and unpredictable,

The same creeping vine that forged the grand alliance of the Crusades, is underneath this evil, ....

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:47 am
by Meno_
Then he who murdered her looks eagle's eyed hate glare her brother, who reported him .

Calif does not have drug related murder convictions, they still go by manslaughter, max. 2-3 years incarceration and/or $10,000 fine.

The brother has problems of his own, says God damn it.

Papa goes across the road and after the story, says I'd let him have it , and papa goes - he who lives by the sword, dies by it.

The guy drives late model cars , and belittles anyone with morality, education, empathy. The kid his grandson is in cafe of his sister.

Papa and mama who raised him can not ever see him so they say.

Nice. Real neatly packaged and presented.

He is coming out now, brazen , threatening and with a dare me If You can attitude.

He is back home in the security of his mom and dad. Gosh, he is following Shariah Law, his dad must advise him.

Mom cries all the time, and tears fall.

But they are Christians and do not really know of the Koran.

This is the land of which the founders though they would guarantee rights of Man, and the pursuit of happiness.

She was naive, and trusting. He came in gentle but cunningly patient patient, he knew when high she was easy to control. Wait and see. Now he is betting for Shariah against the protections that U.S. laws can guarantee for those who have real allegiance.

Yeah! If you got the money papa says to mama.

You be better to hold up for the services are come this Saturday followed by the reception.

I'm cold she says. He gives her an upper body deep tissue massage.

Will they.......???? get away with it?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:25 am
by Meno_
The guys got a gun.he pointed it at me. I said go ahead, your young u gotta lot to loose.
I don't have enough to buy a small caliber.

And I pray for him. For the kids sake.
They scanned the correspondence between phones and deleted the gmail that's incriminating.

Her wake is Friday after the mass. 100 invited. Most of the stuff was downloaded to hard copy, will be turned over.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:27 am
by Meno_
They are scared, but they are cunning and could not afford to do anything stupid.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:08 pm
by Meno_
At the meeting. Actually the graduation. The daughter went on and in about her mom's starting the business and how her achievements corresponded to the level of success that was obvious in the luxurious speeD if steAks and assorted garnishes.

Never mentioning who really started it and that her mom actually joined an already set up partnership by merely affixing her good will and not any other consideration.

Pop had to re.ain cool not to shout it it out, while h we indigo cities piled up.

A d remain in case of a poker face.

For the truth was, that she needed friendship NIW more then ever, with her daughter gone, and it really was her thing.
She invited those pretty sharks to dance around in clever, ever compressing formations.

This testament will be printed and distributed as token to it.

She dive in perhaps even forgetting where the partnership papers were.
And now" as some vague token e imaging out of some deeply hidden fear of exposure, they took on the e Pease of hosting the substantial cost of hosti g the wake , with over a hundred invited guests.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:19 pm
by Meno_
The evidence. It was in her iPhone, a series of texts between the guy, the YNCLE with the lab.
The content was physically downloaded, and they were downloaded , but now they were messed with and deleted.
Of course the narcs can find it even so.
Pappa, let it be, see how these strands if bad faith will work themselves a dirty accumulated lather, where the hidden guilt of a constant handwashed hand will shew the wounds of constant hand washing.

He chose the religious route of the mystics, with a mindful tradeoff of short term dishonest murderous gains up ended by the longing of eternal life.

Such eternity, implicit within the soul of countless angels. mystics and poets, saints , vibrated in the farthest places of the universe, silently, waiting for a time that has list count in the inquiries, which compressed time into the bottomless depth of conscience.

It has produced an image which can not but brilliantly reflect it's opposite.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:00 pm
by Meno_
Shopping for flowers. Downtown skid row.
Shaun nerveouly taking charge.
Him and his wife don't talk now for a week. She takes the opportunity of this family time of trouble.
She hasn't liked anyone. Her mom or dad brothers and sisters.

He thinking about retiring with school district. Ask him if he can draw on retirement if he will take up a position in San Diego. Mama gets ticked off.

Point to basic projection at this crucial time not fitting. Mama gets more riled up.

Silence ensues. No, not what they think, no, no grudges. Just not speaking because asked to be quiet.

His wife's s name is quiets. Silence.

Homeless swatting everywhere. Thousands up in thousands in the flower district.
Mamma, as some kind of flower, willingly oblivious to the mystery all around.
Poppa. like some our lady of the flowers holds his tongue

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:24 pm
by Meno_

Sedona, Arizona

The psychic totality is everpresence.

In the very early days , there were few receptors, and they were complete within themselves as beings .

They were close to their formation.nowadays the population is very large and this being fractures leaps and bounds. They can not retain. their identity of familiarity with exact semblance , the formal constructed whole restructured and fractures it hyperbolically.
Their recent pan psychic occurrence is tantamount to an inordinate and subliminal need to reconnect by other non fractured means.
Distant memory reconstructs the ideal non existentially.


(or, is he?)

So now bereft of oriental witchery and middle eastern sharia, he will be Spartan bred, in a world of enlightened technology.

Technology befitting sharia narcosis, throwback into pure instinctual carnage.

But he will be strong, as they are cruel .

That it could backfire, mirrors their appearent fear, in fact this is their adopted land, insincere and self serving as it is.

Their dream of greco-Persian glory will be extinguished by the loss of petroleum demand, as electric vehicles overtake the combustion engine.

Their power will receede back to the days of Lawrence of Arabia, in direct proportion to the renewal of humility and piety.

3. Arabian princess in beverly hills.

A great beauty, a princess of Arabia one day, bought the most extravagant mansion .

The designer, conforming to her wish, built an elaborate fence , and placed friends of nudes on the pedestals including exposed genitals.

Neighbors were outraged.

They were revolted and let it be known they would not stand for it. She was not receptive.

They published it.

She remained defiant.

Then the neighbors burned her house down.

She tore her hair and screamed that They would get it. She thought that the Saud embassy could help her.

She told the neighbors she will rebuild in spite.

They reported they will burn it down again.

Then she disappeared, probably the effect of pressure from the neighbors to the Saudis.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:55 am
by Meno_
Compelled to be blunt.
Had, have to say it for whatever reason and / or to whomever .

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:15 pm
by Meno_
The Islam sharia guy who killed my daughter is back with his parents.
He is eyeing my reactions. He said a week ago I can't ever see the kid again.He drives a new Lexus , he totaled three top model Acuras in two years before.

His optical image is everything for him, as mine gets disarrayed by each passing day of him.
He delivers packages for his dad . his image is top dog dealer, has lost, since his money, was stolen - so he says- , ( that was meant for opening a legit approved grass store,by his cousin) will never be recovered) He'll never be found he says , cause he took off with the money and thereby he took care of him good.

The police narcos are working on it as well as in the Uncle.

Coroner has not yet finalized their report, lab work takes time they say.

Now all we want is visitation , and have to wrangle through places and places, file forms and document preparers, whilst my heart burns, as if acid slowly drips with calculated rhythm.

While one time I caught the sad eyes of the kid, to whom once e said I would never leave him.

He understands, I know, in his short 5 years he had to learn fast and quick.

His pa's friends who went to the same school as she did, say that he was an all around nerd, with a deliberately prepossessing attitude that says I'm so much better, that's why you guys don't accept me. He was really messed up if someone called him an Armenian .
He had no idea who Xerxses was.all about.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:02 pm
by Meno_
Paranoid politics. Fear rules, even if he is the only one that knows .
Slights, the interior denied
The next step lash out not in,
What do they think they are
Who are they, to think it would be allowed when the supreme lower of control rates from god-king,
From sun king of past.glory
New imperial palaces of empire and rococo, towers of jewels and gold, yes, who will know how much he got,
Stashed away within the interior powers of unbeatable forces?
Yes, make it great. The greatest ever were, even if;
Everyone bows
and before that happens. That power is losing it, the control of the life blood prisoner souls hellbound,
Before that material is exhausted in eternal fights with it's interior contraposition, before the judgement will come anywhere close to suffer indignities for one child's call: 'look he is not wearing clothes; before that sharp blade of opinion falls the head that so grand an illusion it begot every man; before that magnanimous contraption severs the body capital,
The whole united body must strike out and find enemies who threaten IT, and destroy it on basis of the universal difference .

For don't You see the soul of this one is indestructible?

Re: Compression limited zone paranoid politics

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:05 pm
by Meno_
And after that great tribulation, peace, the arid peace of the One, living with in universal harmony with the minions. absolutely reduced to a meaningless. deconstructed existence for the forsaken aura of his very great imperial satanic majesty. Upon whom it will be forbidden even to glance upon.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:24 pm
by Meno_
The castle unbound, falling down , but Deere does it matter so much where you lay your head?

Bugs coming on, they also need love. Bugged.
Too many. You have never been able to look At an audience . For sure with out a grimace, hoping understanding inner visionary thoughts may become obvious.

After all everyone deserves their mask and for that simplenclimb up that familiar space,.
Kant never left his home town, and there is futility in supposing anyone cares if T. Mann lost two kids to suicide.

Listen Deere, the energy high consists of what they admonish as the soul, does connect with those chakras which subsist of lower ordained characteristics, and add to that the intwrpenetrabilitu of the personalities , does make a good act.
Admittedly, if not geared to this , the mind could not regain it's former composure, to guarantee a complete union.
No Dee Dee, said such and such while ingesting large quantities of a borscht like liquid.
Deere, don't worry. Look back when little , on the bed someone long ago gone, worried hence, about loss of beautifully artful limbs and the secret places betweext, the organ again giving such joy recapture.
Leaving the castle , a downward careening roll, as the dice has succumbed to maddening losses, with the whisps of.nature moaning under the blankets of desire, our love matters, everything else: a delirium.

Dee Dee showed no emotion, after this, and went about it unashamed and resolute.

Need not look back , angel.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:49 pm
by Berkley Babes
Interesting, meno. None of that beach boy breakdown stuff.