A Watched Clock Will Never Boil

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A Watched Clock Will Never Boil

Postby wuliheron » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:30 am

A Watched Clock Will Never Boil

Unless its really a boiling clock,
Where the time vanishes into thin air,
Producing maximum entropy production!
In a humble and ubiquitous phase transition,
While, curiously, the smaller anything becomes,
The more often it will violate the arrow of time.
Boiling clocks running backwards more often,
Convince invisible pixies, time is but a joke,
Anyone may have all the spacytime they want,
All any requires, is invisible pixies with attitude!
All that anyone, has ever required to go home again,
All anyone has ever required, to find themselves again!
Time speeding up yet slows down just in the nick of time,
Where does all the time go, approaching the speed of light?
Yet, the shadow remains, but the memory of the eternal light!
The invisible light in the dark pointing out the end of the tunnel!
Where the smallest pond, sheds invaluable light on the Big Picture,
Where the tiniest molehill, becomes a mountain of bullshit overnight,
Only to come crashing down, or vanish inexplicably in the light of day,
Where Murphy's Law and a Goldilocks Principle, rule the entire universe,
Where Einstein's theory of Relativity, is always entirely context dependent,
Time is simply never what you think it is until that time rolls round once again,
Time always comes round yet again and instant karma always gonna getcha baby!
Time is the fire within which we burn, and the ice within which our minds go numb!
"Fascinating" said Mr Spock on Star Trek, "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations,"
But I fail to see what could possibly be so funny about humor being intrinsic to spaceytime.
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