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Singularly Ignorant Elegant Simplicity

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:11 pm
by wuliheron
Singularly Ignorant Elegant Simplicity

Knowing the only thing I know is that I know nothing;
In and of itself a singularly ignorant elegant simplicity,
Tinkling, echoing hollowly, out to infinity and beyond!
Whilst experts complain any singularity is impossible!
Their ignorance remains altogether too demonstrable!
The faces of God eternally parading before everyone,
Humanity sharing a singular void of our ignorance,
The shadow is but the memory of the eternal light,
The spark within everything which can never die;
Vanishing into indeterminacy, within our minds!
Wondering if your thoughts, might be memories!
Yet I remain forever uncertain, of my certainty;
My one singularly ignorant, elegant simplicity,
Knowing nothing from nothing ain't nothing!
The more we give the more we always receive,
Love incapable of being created or destroyed;
Love's an experience that becomes memories!
Memories of memories, of pleasing memories,
Perpetual motion machine for a lonely heart!
The memories of God reflected in everything!
The irresistible triumphs over any mere force.
Giving unconditionally, without really trying,
Love may become as easy as falling off a log!
The lowest possible energy state, is energetic!
The big bang merely another flash in the pan!
Love actually does, make the world go round,
Love is what ultimately makes everything go!
Love is what might forever justify everything!
Love is what makes, all life itself worthwhile!
To burst into your very own, poetry in motion!
To smile with your entire body, inside and out!
To sing along silently within a universal choir!
To express your feelings, with your entire body!
To relish a silent victory of silent explanations!
Quanta prefer entanglements in superpositions!
Lowest possible energy state, of your networks!
Neurons, prefer their quantum neural networks,
Atoms may have, multiple electron orbital shells,
Molecules, dependent on their personal valances,
Quarks always depending on gluons to get along!
Everything, is part of a supersymmetric recursion,
Nothing, not being anything to summarily dismiss,
Nothing becoming awareness you know something!
Nothing from something always remaining nothing!
Nothing nowhere yet becomes something somewhere!
Something from nothing, yet still remains something!
Ya gotta have something, if ya wanna dance wit me!
Knowing nothing, anyone gotta know how to dance;
Everyone gotta have something if they wanna dance,
Knowing, that we can only know we know nothing,
Time itself displaying metamorphic fractal patterns,
Conceivably linking anything back to the big bang;
The assumption being everything we ever perceive,
Reflects upon our personal awareness and views.
Thus everything can be a symmetrical recursion,
Relative sizes, scales, and more juxtapositions,
All collapsing along with the law of identity,
Our eight dimensional peek-a-boo networks,
Within the neurons of our personal brains!
Within our singular paradox, of existence,
The many faces of God parade around us;
Metamorphosing on the distant horizon,
Yet another metaphor for our humanity,
Reflected within everything imaginable.
Reverberating incessantly back at us all,
Playing peek-a-boo with many memories.
Our extraordinarily singular multiplicity,
The many inside the one within the many,
Which is which, becoming more confusing,
Legions becoming singular and back again,
Legions, simply having a singular meaning!
Did my feet find the stones or they find me?
Where do my feet end, and the stones begin?
Or is there no beginning and ending for any?
Deafening silence, follows blinding shadows,
Massive confusion always follows indecision,
Root metaphors, describe distinctive emotions,
Recursive matrices nesting within one another;
Infinities of recursive matrices, within infinity!
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs being a spectrum!
Divine fools from every conceivable walk of life,
Climbing a mountain upon the road less traveled,
Daring to boldly go where none have gone before!
Infant potty humor rewritten for adult audiences!
Producing, recursive nonlinear temporal dynamics;
Iconic imagery, incorporated in assorted characters,
Metaphorical Fuzzy Factual Metaethical Bullshit!
Unusual dialogues all over a curiouser Wonderland,
Silences chasing the shadows that envelope the light,
Silence capturing the light before it might even move.
Wu Li Heron, lost forever within the memory of God!
Alice in wonderland lost somewhere over the rainbow,
Lost boys lost in a Never-never land over the rainbow,
Together seeking to find the eight curiouser caricatures,
Abiding lost somewhere deep inside the memory of God.
Both knowing, the only thing they yet know is nothing,
Seldom certain, who may really even be coming or going,
Nonetheless, somehow know that they know something!
Nonetheless, determined to find the keys to the gateway,
Nonetheless, determined to explore the road less traveled,
Nonetheless both determined to peek behind our curtains!
Inspiring our singularly ignorant elegant simplicity itself!
A tale from when people, first gathered around their fires,
Babes lost in Wonderland with no clue what's happening!
Frequently running in circles, while screaming and yelling;
When the ignorant don't know if they are coming or going,
When the knowledgeable appear to be every bit as clueless!
When only the naive, seem to know what's really going on!
When none is certain, which direction remains up or down!
Not to mention where in the hell they might all actually be,
Not to mention where in the hell, they have just come from!
Not to mention what in the hell might actually be going on!
Not to mention what in the hell any of it might really mean,
Some running in circles screaming and shouting just for fun!
Bouncing off the walls and floor, as if we're made of rubber!
Whether everything is live or memorex depends who you ask,
You might have to ask the chicken and egg, which came first,
For nobody has any real clue, what the hell is really going on,
When the walls start talking many do a double or triple take!
When the walls are just as clueless as to what it really means,
And some foolishly begin debating epistemology and ontology,
Constantly running in circles screaming that the sky is falling!
Ugly Ducklings bumbling upon the giant stairway to Heaven,
While, others start to contemplate their own navels in earnest!
Yet knowing that the greater context determines their content,
Together they all form a singularly ignorant elegant simplicity!
For the smallest child laughed at the naked man in the parade!
Sparkling laughter filled the air, as everyone had a good laugh!
All being complete idiots, their harmony neither acts nor reasons!
At long last accepting themselves and one another for who they are!
A singularly curiouser ignorant elegant simplicity amidst total pandemonium!