Philosophy is not for the faint of heart

Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.

Philosophy is not for the faint of heart

Postby Meno_ » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:50 pm

Philosophy is really the digs unearthed by brawn and muscle
Incorporates a lot of nasty stuff underneath

Sinew and bloody entrails served one war another
that's what's left of his memory
Poor kid had to have mom and dad somewhere or brother looking for him for ever, thought missing,

Philosophy don't mind talking about you if you feel like that's true , then it becomes you so,
It don't care what you think other than making note: and philosophy does no hurt if hurt can be said a padding observance of a casual drop of some vague mistaken anecdote perhaps for others ears, deceptively and curtly, as if for your ears only, knowing the means of consequence,

What would've dear Machievelli say to those naive teary eyed who felt a sting of hatred every time some on harshly decried, a vagery, Ad Hominem, shame of our gathered who bespoke to inflame the passions of deprived and depraved .minds, whereas dear blood of our loved splashed upon those white marble temples of justice and hope,

Filling the air with the sulphur of demonic retribution as to fill a cover with its venomous mist in order to run to a supposed higher ground?

Is this the best defense against the legions of horror, of monsters of depravity?

Nay say some far away siren, a backward glanced sphinx guarding the habit of a prophetess, nay, do not fear yea children of a paradise lost in the rubble of what was once so shiny and glimmerry in the sun. Its pitty to hear things as if they truly were,

There, and see that mirage which has stood its ground,
Hold fast against that glare, tight now against the bosom of thine beloved, as if this be to the last.
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