A New Notebook

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A New Notebook

Postby Ierrellus » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:31 pm

80 pages, a new notebook,
Lined for my line.
From China you came
To end upon my coffee table.
I bought you yesterday
Out of boredom with the internet.
Buying a notebook makes me feel
As if I had purchased new clothes.

80 pages, pristine, blank await
The miracle of thought made palpable.
Pieces of poems loom over the page;
I'm trusting that my aged mind
Will allow them to congregate,
It may if I do not succumb
To those adolescent, narcissistic selfies
That masquerade as profundity.
"We must love one another or die." W.H.Auden
I admit I'm an asshole. Now, can we get back to the conversation?
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