the battle against trump

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the battle against trump

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:43 pm

trump does a culling of the poor, starts raiding houses of the poor and executing all people who have an income lower than 100,000 dollars a year. one of his advisors says to trump "but if we kill all the poor, what slaves will we have to work for our businesses"? Trump says "silence this man, he is a terrorist!". Trump takes a gun and shoots the man square between the eyes. The culling begins.

5 days later A swat team comes to arrest Trixie in the computer lab, to arrest her for being poor and send her to the deathcamps. Trixie is staring at the computer and doesnt even notice them come right up behind her. She is brought to Trump and his Jewish businessman lackeys. The swat team starts to make fun of her, calling her an autistic idiot who didn't even see them coming. Trixie says "I am smarter than all of you. I am the smartest genius who ever lived. You're all a bunch of religious simpletons barbarians and jews!!" The Trump asks "If you're so smart, how come you're not rich like me?" They all laugh HAHAHAHAHaHahA like a bunch of business jerk-os. Trixie says "I am the greatest philosopher that ever lived! You don't even know the meaning of life!!!!" Trump asks "Then what is the meaning??" Trixie says "There IS no meaning!" Trump says "All I know is that God is real and he gives meaning to my life. The meaning of your life will end very soon." They all laugh HAHAHAHAHHAhA like Peter Griffin business jerk-os. they put Trixie's head on the guiottine. Trixie screams at the top of her lungs "I CURSE YOU. I CURSE YOU ALL INTO HELL AND DAMNATION!!!!" Then the guiotine chops off her head, her head falls to the cold white floor, eyes are in shock, her soul shocked that such beings would hate her, shocked at such cruelty, such heartless cruelty towards her innocent soul of love and laughter. She feels an immense pain of suffocation, inflamation, and damnation building around her too much to even comprehend. She refuses to die. Instead, they see the coldness of her tiny pupils in a fixed horrified expression. They can sense something wrong, even though she is not moving and her beheaded body is bleeding on the floor. Her eyes begin to glow red with evil. Her head starts to float upwards, flames come out of her ears, she lunges at the enemies with pure evil, they cower and dodge in childish fright, not believing even their very own eyes. She stands up, under her floating hed starts to appear the body of a demon, first it is pink, then it is red, must be 20 feet tall, has to bend down not to touch the 18' ceiling. She stomps on all of trumps jews and his swat bodygaurds and crushes them with the sheer weight of her legs, leaving only trump remaining...trump begins to cower and timidly back away..."Why...why...why did you leave me alive...why did you kill the others but not me..." She yells in a voice as masculine as the most masculine demon, a demonicly deep and strong voice..."YOU WILL DO AS I SAY...PUPPET..." Trump says..."no...i dont think so." Trixie says "YES YOU WILL. OR ELSE I WILL SEND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY TO HELL FOR 400 BILLION YEARS AND THEY WILL BURN!!!!!" Trump says "No, not Melania, she has double D's!" Trixie says "NO, THEY WILL BE MINE FOR 400 BILLION YEARS IF YOU DO NOT DO AS I COMMAND." Trump says "I'll do anything, anything, just let me keep those double D's..." Trixie says "Ok. The first thing you will do is ban Islam." Trump says "But I already have. I banned Muslims." Trixie says "All Muslims? Or just those who are entering the country??" Trump says "Ok...But aren't we on the same side...?? I was gonna do that anyway..." "JUST DO AS I COMMAND, INSECT!!!! We are NOT on the same "SIDE"....I SIDE WITH NOONE...THE NEXT THING ON THE ITENERARY I AM GOING TO BAN YOUR STUPID JEW RELIGION. SO YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO THAT SECRET BAR MITZVA YOU HAD FOR YOUR DAUGHTER, BECAUSE I KNOW SHE'S A TRANNY, THOSE DOUBLE D'S ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. THEN I AM GOING TO BAN CHRISTIANITY--" Trump interrupts and tries to defy Trixie with meaningless words of an insect. Trixie responds "I BEG YOU TO DEFY ME. I WANT AN EXCUSE TO HAVE POSSESSION OF THOSE DOUBLE D'S. PLEASE DEFY ME, I'M BEGGING YOU. GIVE ME A REASON TO HAVE THOSE DOUBLE D'S." Melania appears in the room, presumably through the Astral plane incantations she learned from the Jewish elite. "But why do I have to suffer...Why do I have to pay for my fathers crimes...Can't we all just get along?? It's not right to punish an innocent girl like me" "SILENCE INSECT!!!" Trixie hurls a fireball but she dissapears. The entire building burns down in a violent raging inferno. Trumps corpse is nowhere to be found, presumably, he escaped the fire. Trixie laughs manaically, knowing the world is in the palm of her hands.

End of Scene 1.
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