Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.


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Again it’s the return of an army of philosophy go to war with logic, defy it as it’s defied you! A Normal existence I proceed with precision Baring opportunity, for the stargazing, hell razing, dedicating it to whomever is listening, the caused and uncaused, primal chaos, drop your jaws, for that it’s your life, for that it’s your turn now, the contradictions of an abnormal life, done right with excruciating pain one can clearly see that which is life before their very own eyes, when bombs are dropped it displaces a storm to watch, while the children talk about going home...

Concentrate with me on this, become one with your surrounding environmental nature even with the way life is sounding… Perspective is key…

Good and the bad and ugly, temperamentally content at an abstract reaction my batteries run a light-year a minute, with different personalities all the abnormalities done sift paradigms, with the next notion, with style and grace, extract substances from matter lost in consumption and avert loss of production in order to succeed, read the fine print, it’ll all have been worth it, have a few ways of having passed by all the terminology, that place is merciful yet wrathful, to those sworn under his own name, for your own sanction of serenity in space is void of the microbial organism that are human from the planet that have wrought the consciousness in the first place, that is salvation, from valuably immutable sources very aware of our own thoughts and actions to be certain…

Close the curtain for now and hide yourself, yet only to arrive at a conclusion the whole time you’re concealed, have it all become revealed, never to have lied in the face of fact, in an act to permissibly admit proof, is to conclude the absolute best with the worst, use words about, 1000 a minute, cause from where I’ve sat up we were pushed back by cynics…

Concentrate with me on this, become one with your surrounding environmental nature even with the way life is sounding… perception is key...

We’ve all got those problems to face and need ways in solving the dilemmas with our own HUMAN beings, in fact displace your own storm of useful logic, only to be sure and use logic and not the unjustifiable, for without the viable we lose control of order, and this isn’t the whole life over, only when we find it true that it’s untrue, all of which was good use, yet it’s whatever you choose, don’t ever become confused of reality, knowing what’s immoral, never shun the moral, for it is just that real, and that which keeps you, and through it calls for an actual consensus, but yet it’s still your decision if we conduct conflict, which will indeed cause more conflict…
Concentrate with me on this x8 (Meditate) x4

Ego sum via veritas et vita;Amesha Spenta;Vohu Mano;Joan of Arc, Ezekiel, and Thomas Aquinas;I AM INZYDEOUT:Zarathushtra Spitama-Thales-Heraclitus-Socrates-Meton of Athens-Plato-Diotima of Mantinea-Aristotle-Pythagoras-Pericles-Marcus Tullius Cicero-Claudius Ptolemy-Marcus Aurelius-Lucian- Hypatia-Niccolò Machiavelli-Benedito de Espinosa-Sir Isaac Newton-Voltaire-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-Immanuel Kant-Thomas Paine-John Locke-Henry David Thoreau-Florence Nightingale-Mahatma Gandhi-Peter G Bergmann-Petra Herrera-Oppenheimer-Jimmy Hoffa-Frank Sinatra-Pope Saint John Paul II-Elvis Aaron Presley-George Carlin-Martin Luther King Jr.-Jim Morrison-Aafia Siddiqui-Tupac-Asmaa Mahfouz-John Nash-Joaquin Guzman :shock: :arrow: :-$
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