Such silly, silly nonsense!

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Such silly, silly nonsense!

Postby Arcturus Descending » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:20 pm


Why do mountains run uphill
when down the other sides they spill?

Why do ceilings have to be above us
when many, many stars lie below us?

Why do clouds at times descend to meet us?
Do they think they're too far up to greet us?

Why does Venus in its Transit never stop for us, pray tell?
Is it kindness in its knowing that it is a living hell?

Why do birds not backwards fly?
Have they no permission from the sky?

Why do some girls look at guys and sigh?
Does it feel that they're about to die?

Why is Luci[e]fer considered to be evil?
Does she not command the light from dying stars to fall within our eyes?

Why is the moon at times such a sliver baby?
Does it need its Mother Blue to tuck it in her nightly bosom?

Why did Pere Falcon stop mid flight?
Are there toll booths in the sky?

Why do trees not hug back when we hug them?
Do they want to leaf us?

Why is the sky at times so solemn, so blue?
Is it its fullness which yet cheers us up?

Why does hail come on so strongly?
Wouldn't a warm hello fall more gently?

Why do the sands of time flow through an hourglass?
Have the deserts decreed that minutes flow too quickly
and days too slowly but hours flow just right?

Why do we sound our own trumpets and not those of others?
Is it fear that our crumbing Jericho walls of ego may collapse?

Why do those forceful, phallic stratus clouds sweep across the sky
in such graceful dances?
Are they trying to reveal their ethereal feminine sides to us?


You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your INFORMED opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
Harlan Ellison

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Re: Such silly, silly nonsense!

Postby Fixed Cross » Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:49 pm


The stronger you become, the more you have to accept that the world is, at large, entirely silly.
All weathers are wild, you know what this means? - Odin

There are innumerable seeds in the earth, innumerably many more than the reckoning of either living or dead trees- the sound of the seeds growing is deafening, and drowns out the sound of all the falling oceans of wood in the forests- but, perhaps, the sound made by the seeds can only be heard with our thoughts. - Parodites, 3rd Pentad

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