Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.


Postby Orbie » Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:05 pm

She is going again
And while out looking through her things, and found
A ticket London to lax,

And she constantly playing adele's
Song, 'I find somebody like you'
Repeating it

While I have stopped seeing the marine ,
And she takes later the pre paid card I gave her and hearing her connect with London,

While she told me went gone to a convention in Indianapolis,

But the tix says, Oct15 2015' London to LA,
Heart sinks last decades so shortly, whisking buy
Made meaningless revaluation, surprise,

But then after so long a time flow,
It makes not one difference,

Mother of 4 children, ours,
And she going again in 2 weeks why can't you wait until after new year at least,
But now, armed with hidden tix, give each a basis
Not to doubt or,
To generate an
re-opening of feasting sore,
Merely the disparityng abrasion
the futility of truth

Who knows? Will weather,
the sinking, the rise of the Abyss?
[size=50][/size]Allone's Obe issance

In answer to your prayer
sincere, the centre of
your circle here,
i stand ; and , without
taking thought,-
i know nothing. But i can

Full well your need-as
you be men
This: Re-Creation. With a
Then, your obedient

servant now.
One gift is all i find in me,
And that is faithful
partly cloudy, with a few showers
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