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Random Stories

Postby Jakob » Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:39 pm

As they drive along an avenue a black Escalade rides up next to them. As the tinted window is rolled down. A face with a scarf around it like a bandit emerges. It's absurd, and Kayla laughs. Then the man with the mask pulls a gun. Pull over! He yells.

Kayla looks at Zed, who isn't even noticing.




Zed looks over. He sees the gun pointed at him.

In a reflex, he turns the wheel tot he right and slams the car into the Escalade. The gun goes off, but hits nothing. As the little Honda veers off to the left and turns into an alley, the Escalade rams into an electricity pole. Car alarm and Airbags.

Nice move! Kayla admires.

What was that about? Zed stops his car and gets out to check the damage.

It's just more of this city stuff.

A dog comes running, tail to the ground, and starts sniffing the tires.

Hey doggy! Kayla sweets. Doggy doggy dogg....

The dog growls. Kayla isn't discouraged.

Come on, I'm your friend! You have nothing to fear with me!

The city is fear, Zed pronounces.

They get back into the car, ride out the alley and emerge in a brand new avenue, full of possibilities.

Are you gonna take me to my place? Kayla asks.

I was thinking we could go have a drink somewhere first.


Why not? It's hot, it's not even two o clock...

Kayla shrugs. The road passes along. Nothing happens, just city noises, city smells, and the harsh light breaks in the drops of sweat collecting in her eye sockets. It's not comfortable, but bearable.

What's your favorite music? Zed asks.

Favorite? Kayla asks contemptuously.

I like the Dire Straits.


Zed looks at her. Shocked. Telegraph road?

What road is that?

Zed shakes his head, he has trouble accepting this.

Mostly I like hiphop, Kayla says, but I can't really take Kanye West.

Why not?

He gets too emotional.

That's true. It's unbecoming.

Exactly. People should stay in their niche.

What's your niche?

I'm afraid I haven't really found mine. You're nicely tucked in yours, though, no?

I am. Zed shifts in his seat, gets comfortable, very happy with himself. I am.
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