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Feys, Fairies, Goblins

Masculine and Feminine energies of life, spirits and souls, dancing throughout the universe, persisting everywhere for all space and time. Feys need naught be seen, to exist. The spiritual realm is just beyond the human touch, taste, smell, sound, sight, sense. Humans wave their arms and hands about frantically, wildly, attempting to finally grab hold of spirits, for the first time. Yet they sprite away, faster than light travels the speed of spirits and souls.

Life is beyond what you know, human. Life exists outside you, not only within.

And the sprites dance within you, eternally, without your perceptual permission.

Sprites are the essence of all life's immortality. All humans will perish in time, but life dances far away, beyond your unknown.
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Re: Feys

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Have you read the mabinogion? Mabe was the queen of the fay/fairies in celtic mythology/druidism.

Many witch burnings were based on people supposedly being ‘possessed’ by fairies [which weren’t originally small], due to ignorance of the old religion.

Apparently fairies were beings from the world before ours, in the druidic [ogham] system there are three tiers, the underworld where the fay live [includes tirnanog ~ land of eternal youth], this world [middle world] and the over or otherworld. If you take a look at the oghamic system it divides those realms into further realms, each being denoted a letter, whereby it is said the ancient bards could compose magical poetry from.
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