A poem

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A poem

Postby rackedrick » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:29 am

Here's a link to a piano solo that I listened to while composing this poem and that might help in getting a better understanding of the conditions under which the poem was inspired.

Or just type "Inception Time piano" in a search engine.



Time flows inexorably onward.

Beautiful, sublime the peaceful lift.

Courageous, sheepish, chagrin, grin of lost hopes and immortal hopes.

Longing living for something more.

Something greater exalting raising one from deep depths and dark seas.

Fire of my hope my light my rage.

All begotten by my son that loves and live and hopes.

Immortally and unceasing pain and tragic struggle.

For what I do not know but such beautiful sublime a view doth my mind contemplate when it looks at what is and what has been the vicissitudes of faith so dearly held and victoriously contemplated

in the halting silenced pain of a shattered soul.
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