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Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.

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Postby Orbie » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:14 pm

Am I being honest with myself? Am I really honest, have destructive and constructive parts, one tearing me up the other done, put on a positive attitude,
Knowing things how when you go underground, and your hear is breaking there.

Being honest? Can anyone figure you out but yourself? What is going on inside You?

Do people trust you? Can you become real?

The morning is upon, and the mistakes keep rolling in. I have never seen you. I can give you a thousand reasons to dislike me,

What's is left is the uneven skipping of your heart, I will accept you never the less, even if you hurt .

Even if you don't understand go with it. I will give you the benefit of doubt. What is happening? Go on.

Like anti gone, you crucify yourself ,but you go on believing. And really it doesn't make a difference.

When it slowly wastes away, when the time is up,
You have to say it, over and over and over you loused up, a mistake, your so serious boy.

Pack it in and love them while there is still some time. Pack it in neatly folded.

Listen, it just goes on and on.

I really want to go down, and examine every bit of that darkness, to make me earn your faith.

Can we get together sometime and really look for each other, and I will tell you,lie to you,that I do, I understand.

For instance I dreamt of carnap as such: semantic sequences in language.

Looked it up and it's no dream. It's the probabilistic examination of sequences in the logical evolvement of the logic in language.

This is totally off base such as the dream about Polanyi's tacit knowledge.

Sense or non sense, in game theory.

Why dreams? The dreams as intuitive processes. Of cognition, formed by Quine and Frege and wittgenstein. Wrote this down to note the oddity of language.
[size=50][/size]Allone's Obe issance

In answer to your prayer
sincere, the centre of
your circle here,
i stand ; and , without
taking thought,-
i know nothing. But i can

Full well your need-as
you be men
This: Re-Creation. With a
Then, your obedient

servant now.
One gift is all i find in me,
And that is faithful
partly cloudy, with a few showers
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