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spish splash

PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:52 pm
by Orbie
Splish splash I've been taking a bath
All about a saturday night

Whatever happened to babyjane bobby
Married to sandra,

Long ago, sementic problems,

Many a summer

Dies the swan,

Lake, take a hike please.

Winding road, up up a lake with swans further up,

The air is so frozen,
And at top a castle napoleon left half

Hanging as a reminder

Of where he ended

Restoration may not help so chuck away the remainder

But can't. Can forgive though

But not forgotten

Johnny rotten& peggy soo,

Here to remind you, beauty


Lie , boys.

Simply put I am the best --not original he said of Mohammed

A lie,

That's what martha said.

Look up some reference then.

And besides it just proves phone sex can be even better.