[Poem] My much feared etc.

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[Poem] My much feared etc.

Postby Kajun » Thu Feb 06, 2003 3:59 pm

Code breaker
Shelf shaker
What's going to happen?
When it all falls down
And the ground shakes and quivers
Like a Chinese bicycle
Under the quaking boots of oppression

What's going to happen
When the cake opens up
When the chocolate turns to soup?
What's going to happen
When you stop caring about yourself
And the rest of the world, destitute and proud
Starts asking you what you've done
Where you've been
And why the fuck you weren't listening to them

What's going to happen
then, now, tomorrow
If there is no end in sight
Will we keep walking?
Until our boots evaporate
Our feet melt
And we die?
Perhaps it's time to sit down and have a break
And welcome in rennaissance two.
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Postby Pangloss » Sat Feb 15, 2003 12:54 am

Possibly. Or possibly not. The world is not that bad. And our society (despite the many battles that we admittedly must confront head-on) is a benign tolerant and vibrant one, if we choose to let it be. Votaire once said 'A man is free when he wishes to be'. I suppose one should ask, what is a man when he chooses not to be free?
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