Words like shadows

Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.

Words like shadows

Postby Yoda » Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:27 pm

Words like shadows
Dance in candlelight
What of there meaning
Fancifully write

Didn’t just appear
Or seem to be unclear
Always it was to be
That messages communicatively
Said as to attest
As of the rest
Decision one way
Be as may

Yet as of what the more to say
Dances form for they
Have reason
Far more ontologically
Than just transcripts
Of originality
But how can one elaborate enough
To bring what is
As yet there is to be
These dancing shadows
Being as such
Do they
Always find
To say
Entities are
And just how far
Are we prepared to ream
To all the things we possibly dream
What has been what’s still to be seen
Tis only existentialism
De re de dicto
As held in ones meaning

Yoda 2002
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Postby Pangloss » Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:35 pm

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