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Postby Dan~ » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:40 pm

Hi. I'm known as dannerz online, and Daniel offline.
I have found many things in life that i feel are important.
I'd like to share a few of those things with anyone that is interested.

4:42 PM 2020-06-26
Right now I'm making a text document for
That seems like an easy, simple way to share text.

What are the biggest most important things I could tell any person ever?
[1]: Goodness is a real thing.
[2]: Reality can be changed.
[3]: There's more to your existence than you realize.
This is an argument for confidence in your self.
Confidence that thinking and living amount to something
beyond the limits of the individual in time-space.

Who really values peace?
Peace is the natural state of things when left alone.
If you learn how to leave yourself alone,
you will master peace.
Peace is free, and automatic.
I love peace, but I can only handle so much of it.
Maybe i can change that later on.
Feel the peace around you.
The majority of reality is at peace.
Peace is invisible.
It's not a thing it is a condition of a thing.

I'd like to talk to you about automatic thoughts.
These are thoughts which come up without you trying to think them.
Manual thoughts come about in accord with your will, intentions, and motivation.
Sensing energy begins with sensing your own thoughts and their energy.
Sensing starts with inner sight. Internal sensing.
Then we realize that the inner and outer world are inter connected.
They are unified, too.
This turns inner sight into external sight.
This turns subconscious into conscious.
Inside your mind, you can create thoughts and thought-forms.
You can change your internal landscape.
You can change what you are.
Meditation on seeing your inner energy is key for this, potentially.

Here i try to explain my transition to a non-dualistic stillness.
It has to do with melting down regular consciousness into deeper consciosness.
It may be a form of transmutation.
Transmutation of thought and vitality.

Joe talks here about inclusion and non-bias.

Some of my beliefs and ideas here:
Reality is infinite. Knowing is possible.

Here Joe talks about some basics of morals.
Basically, life improvement is morality.
True morals and ethics and values, improve life.

What is best possible self? What is best possible life?
One filled with joy and happiness, some would say.
Others would say a life filled with peace is best.
Others would say, a successful life, with lots of money.
Even the act of discovering a goal, or creating a goal,
seems to proceed the goal. This means, you can only
want a happy life if you somehow know what happiness is.
We experience it a bit, then more and more, and we
develop a taste for happiness. Not just any happiness,
the best possible happiness.
This is an act of consciousness.
Be careful, you could become a slave to sensation,
because it could be the only thing you know or develop.
Meditation with a minimum of sensation, can help counter-act this.

Joe and me talk about free will here:

Jared Stone talks about importance and the problem of evil.
Jared is a Mormon / LDS member.

Joe talks about advanced philosophy.
His definition of a philosophy compared to an ideal or a goal.

'Burn Casting' : an old magical theory i had.
The theory is that matter contains magical essence.
When a material is burnt, it releases most of its essence.
A portion of burnt matter transmutes into spirit, when it is burnt.
So then, i drew a sigil and a text on a sheet of paper.
I placed the paper under an aluminum pie plate.
I filled with pie plate with gas and herbs. I lit it on fire.
As the fire burns, i tried to draw the energy down into the sigil.
When it is done, i treat the sigil like a construct.
I carry it around, and add things to it, spiritually.

Just to clarify : i believe our mind and brain can control
and direct small amounts of energy. That is all my magic theory is.
It's a very simple and easy to understand idea.

a copy of this is available in text format on
I like , internet radio. -- a new and minimal webside now hosting two of my free game projects.
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Re: The Dan-blog.

Postby Fixed Cross » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:18 pm

"If you learn how to leave yourself alone,
you will master peace."

I like this a lot.
The strong do what they can, the weak accept what they must.
- Thucydides
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