Ethics applied to Economics

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Ethics applied to Economics

Postby thinkdr » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:04 pm

I will state, simply, what I learned from a wise Philosopher named Robert S. Hartman.

Let us here apply Ethics to the concept "economic system."

A good economic system creates wealth.
A bad economic system gives rise to poverty and permits extreme and abject poverty to exist.

As I explained earlier, when discussing the Hierarchy of Value (the HOV) formula, moral value has primacy over economic value.
I > E and I > S.

Hence the lack of morality in what is referred to as 'the free-enterprise system' leads to impoverishment.

That is one more reason why we need Ethics: so that the economic system under which we live can create more wealth, and that all citizens can share in enjoying some of it.

Do we need now to put into effect the UBI - which stands for "Universal Basic Income." Or some well-thought out form of it? Can you suggest a better reform? It would at least have to be one that will put some resources in the hands of the needy, so that they can possibly participate constructively in creating even more wealth for all of us to share.

Do we need to engage in a campaign to back the U.S. Dollar with some standard? Bucky Fuller suggested that the standard be: (global) productivity per man/hour. Can this index today be measured? Are economists or statisticians capable of this?

Your ideas??
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When you Google the following pdf selection you may wish to start with page 20 in order to skip the technicalities:
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