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In every R/P system* the projection has been given male and the reflection female attributes.
Thus, when man tried to reflect his origin, it became a female goddess, or mother nature, and when, in order to assert himself, he began to project the male attributes into his intermediate viewpoint, he became the origin of all evil and woman the sufferer of it.
Classic examples are the marriage of Osiris/Horus & Isis and the (god) father/son relationship of Christianity, where Mary had to pay for their identity crisis and woman became the altar of the schizophrenias of man.
And still is – despite his equal-rights-propaganda – because the only right he concedes is for her to adapt to his preconceptions and to let herself accordingly be treated, traded, evaluated – and of course be blamed for his failures, since it is shame with which he chains her in all cultures, ages and R/P systems to his schemes – especially those of his confused loves and desires.

* more about Reflection/Projection systems in"Another view of Consciousness" chapter 2
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