Homo & Beast

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Homo & Beast

Postby waechter418 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:54 pm

Where Conscious & Ness (existence) are handled separately, the psyche-soma relativity is usually divided into Beast & Homo and the latter tries to identify, formulate and assert himself through discrimination, oppression and eradication of the former. And as with his civilization projects his identity problems grow as well, Homo degrades everyone as a beast (primitive, aborigine) who manages his existence without analyzing, dissecting and categorizing himself in order to assemble from the fragments an identity. Which Homo has not managed yet either – nor the elimination of his beast. In contrary – considering the obstinacy with which it attacks his religious & moral abstructs, wrecks his societies and wages wars with ever more and vicious weapons – it seems to be bend to eliminate its host.
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