What is Power?

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What is Power?

Postby Anne Elphabet » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:42 am

What is Power and who has it?

Are there measures of Power besides that of those in Power? When we think of Power, it is mostly considered Political. Perhaps, Patriarchal. Even evil.

Why is this backwards? Politics is boring, and quite frankly not what makes the world go round. Men are no better than women at ruling- it should be a shared priviledge. And many of those who get elected as leaders fail us like angry little children.

Does anyone have Power of their own? Ever? Why are we always handing it over to those who cannot be responsibly Powerful?
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Re: What is Power?

Postby Santiago » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:43 pm

Power is a multi-layered concept. There are different forms, such as political power and energetic, or ontological power. Unfortunately, many people have a penchant for describing power as something corrupting or evil. The cliché phrase, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", is an example. Power is not the culprit. People and their lack of moral integrity, which is something already within them, prior to being in positions of power, is the real problem. Power is something meant to be employed by intellectually and morally mature individuals, by those who have a clear and profound understanding of things, such as justice. Philosopher kings are the ideal rulers. They are the ones meant to convey power for the brilliance that it, really, is.
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