Iambiguous runs scared

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Iambiguous runs scared

Postby Ecmandu » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:59 am

My argument for objective morality that all rational and virtuous beings can agree upon is that no being want their consent to be violated without it being in their own terms.

So let's look at how iambiguous' consent is being violated against his own terms:

He has a fragmented self (sense of i)

He doesn't have every answer to moral problems

Now me, not being arrogant, says that iambiguous cannot defeat this argument.

What does iambiguous do? He runs away as fast as he can and barely mutters this phrase as he's running... "why should I debate you if you think you've proven that you already won?"

To this I say, I have given many proofs through contradiction for this, all you have to do is prove they aren't proofs through contradiction.

But! Iambiguous still runs from me.

I'm sorry MagsJ, but after months of this avoiding me, even in a formal debate in the debate forum, and continuing on this board: iambiguous is by the book, a definition of a troll beyond reproach. By "beyond reproach", he's not using a sock puppet to make a deeper philosophic point, he's simply a troll, nothing more.

Iambiguous knows this. That's part of what makes him a troll, he KNOWS he's a troll.
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