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Postby MagsJ » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:34 am

Guide wrote:The "on some level" is bankrupt; offers no guidance for action. It pays witness to, the reality that one can, often does, understand everything in one gulp: all is projection. Sloterdijk ("Bubbles"), for instance, of late, has taken up this theme. Which, surely, in some way, by definition, and, by intuition (immediate experience) is TRUE. One must, therefore, have recourse to the old wisdom: nothing too much. Other frames of intelligibility must overlap.

Not all is projection, as some retort is simply not acceptable in a public arena from whom one does not know, but keep going Guide.. because (I) say so.

Where is this all leading to? Such a winding path you expect, no want, the other to follow, and adamantly so.. did someone wake you from your ivory-towered slumber? Oh to be understood than misunderstood.. Guide, part of the great misunderstood, but not the great unwashed. Stop blaming society for your misery.

Were you home-schooled in your early formative years? I suspect you were..

You should get out more.
The possibility of anything we can imagine existing is endless and infinite

I haven't got the time to spend the time reading something that is telling me nothing, as I will never be able to get that time back, and I may need it for something at some point in time. Wait! What?

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