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Olympian Liquefaction

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:48 am
by Guide
It is said that it was at the time of the fall of the cosmic gods, the cosmic gods, the huge natural forces, that the Olympians, almost human, came to a serenity which hung diaphanously, in the most white white, over human beings like an unstained good, a canopy, under which sat fun-seeking deities, following the blood spilled red in wars of humans and being concerned with human doings form the fabulous zeniths. When cold hearted Zeus castrated his titanic father of broken mind, and came to rule, he wanted to destroy human beings. Prometheus, it is said, gave to human beings their little existence, and so much more than fire alone. One great gift was the aspiration to cure ageing. In this they gained the painful thing, the trenchant emotion, fear of death as death. As something more than immediate threat. It is now that, the liquefaction of the Olympian's is nearest. Soon, the everlasting gods will be banished by life. Art is said to be long, but now life will be long. Life will cease to be life, for death will be so greatly reduced as to be nothing like it in stature. Life will become the cosmic itself. The cosmos becomes art at last, a teaching, a confrontation. The most extreme possibility of the human being, life, is become the hope of the cosmos itself. The human is forgotten, a sideline of mythical, or, better, the "logical", past. The cosmos is becoming everlasting art, the thing teachable, self teaching. The furious grasp, holding constantly, forms all forms. All essentially being beings in their irregular individuality of self existence. This is no "humanism", but rather, more like the reverse. A cosmosism. This cosmosism is no promethianism, a doctrine claiming that man was never an animal, but a thing lacking perfection and so pained, for this art, this abiotic wind in which all beings spring forth into sight, is not culture, not the gift against nature, not the artifact made by humans, but, it is the reclaiming of, and uttermost forgetting of, cosoms (nature and techne, and nomos inclusive) as a new being mad in a more youthful, more relieving, intelligent fate, and so, setting aside the wicked stupidity and ugliness of death and senescence. The great flow of encouragement washes over and drenches all beings in its raging forth to the opened lock box of the deepest breast.

Re: Olympian Liquefaction

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:40 am
by Guide
Rescue of essential post.