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A View of the Group Revivified Anew in a Shape Unknown

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:18 pm
by Guide
The group visited Socrates, claiming to be free of contempt, unlike Aristotle. This is true, so far as it goes, yet Socrates never spoke with anyone who was not properly "domesticated". And who would not follow the minimal rules of dialogic discourse. In the Meno, Meno is an intellectual who favours fancy formulations over simple speech, which Socrates scolds him for. This reminds much of the horrible level of the group, with its lack of sense of philosophy. Of course, Meno only sought arete for the reason he thought it might bring him gain. I.e., for reasons of a discrete and evil passion of his shriveled soul. Thereby, one must say, in a sense, Socrates despised Meno, he who had a "lazy logos". His lazy logos prevented him from ever entering the search, for he could not question his own foundations and passions.