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Postby encode_decode » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:07 pm

    I dont know why, perhaps because I am not super intelligent but:

    I have always imagined that a superintelligence would not encounter the problems that we the human race encounter and have encountered.

    Anomaly654 wrote:
    a superintelligence would be something that is able to show good sense quickly along with the capacity for inventive thought

    The movie Soylent Green comes to mind. Efficient and utilitarian use of a commodity?

    I have never seen the movie so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Are you saying that an efficient and utilitarian use of a commodity is a super intelligent thing to do based on the definition I gave or that a superintelligence would exhibit this type of thought - I am leaning toward the former as a guess to what you meant - and perhaps both.

    A point that stood out in the Wikipedia article was contained within the plot to the movie and is as follows: The 20th century's industrialization led to overcrowding, pollution and global warming due to the greenhouse effect. It now has me wondering whether industrialization or overcrowding shows that we are intelligent at all - even though I intend some sarcasm, surely a superintelligence would be able to avoid such problems with forethought.
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      But the point remains that you can't get at that meaning before grasping the surface meaning
      - which is to say there is always meaning.

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      Mind is an ever changing dimension that is bound to reality, logic and emotion.
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      Re: Superintelligence - EN:DE

      Postby Meno_ » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:23 pm

      Zero_Sum wrote:
      Meno_ wrote:Yes , negation or the concept that negates two contrary propositions is reductive to Plato.Therefore it is a myth. As much of a myth as Hegel's dialectic.
      It dissent completely nihikate to nothingness or, does it reach a. absolute.

      So, you reject negation? What's that make you exactly? What's your embraced position?

      Negation is like a scale, put an equal weight to counterbalance one on the other scale. But scales are deceptive and inaccurate and they do not eliminate each other, they merely tip the scale, and how long that lasts is only a measure of expediency. They remain and are constantly revalued.
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