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Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:18 pm

There seems to be an inherent tautology that violence = evil.

But how do we know violence=evil? We don't.
Fighting, hand to hand combat, offers a catharsis and even a mutual respect, a competitive spirit and a humbling effect on persons. After all why is it said that "I am going to teach you a lesson!"

Prison only damages the economy by turning good men into anti-socials, good men into homeless, and good men into having difficulty getting jobs.

But on a social standpoint, how does humanity look at violence?
They look at violence the same way as they look at the devil.
The devil represents a character who rebelled against a tyrannical and narcissistic God-dictator. This God was without mercy and cruel beyond measure. And yet, society views the devil as the villain, and God as the hero, despite God being the creator of Hell who sends beings to Hell. This is an example of how society's eyes work, society is programmed to look up to and obey any dictator, any alpha male, no matter how corrupt.

Society lists violence as inherently evil.

For instance, when people talk about the mentally ill, they list a statistic that 95% of mentally ill persons are non-violent. This exposes a tautology that they view violence as a trait that one should inherently be ashamed of, and that it is inherently good to be non-violent. This exposes the cowardly mentality of the average person, they are so cowardly that not only guns, but even fists have to be banned for them to feel safe.

But more disturbing, is how they react to violent excursions. When a violent excursion occurs, they act ignorant, and act as if the violence just popped out of thin air, flabbergasted at the notion of it having an actual cause. "How could this happen?" They ask, demonstrating their willful ignorance. As if murderers just popped out of thin air. As if it one day they simply said, one day I'm going to be violent for no reason. Noone ever looks at the life of pain the murderers had to endure. None of them look at all the heart-ache, misery. and problems they had to deal with leading up to the event. Noone has compassion for criminals.

So when they ask Marilyn Manson about the Columbine, what does Manson say?

My final question for you is this. How do we know killing is inherently evil?
Where does consciousness go when it dies? Is death a favor, or a curse? How can we actually know if killers save souls, or damn them? We don't. We say killing is evil because it is taking that chance, without asking them. But everyone's gonna die. They are all gonna take that chance whether they like it or not. So, why don't we arrest nature? Subjugate and silence every last wild thing until it is no more. Imprison the Grim Reaper and make every man an immortal citizen. Until then, you are a hypocrit of the highest calibre.
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