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Emotions & Intellect

Postby waechter418 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:49 pm

Imagination and Emotions are responsible for cultural developments and the formation of civilisations.
Imagination and Intellect are responsible for scientific and technological developments – combined with Emotions, latter can have destructive results.
Fear, hatred, envy, greed & the likes, have played major roles in the disappearances of previous civilisations and seem – when goading contemporary sciences and technologies – to be able to bring about global catastrophes and even the disappearance of Sapiens.
Yet, instead of doing his Latin title “reasonable, wise” justice and trying to get rid of this menace, he not only justifies his emotions, by claiming them to be essential for his survival, but boosts them with media and commerce to a rampant force that apparently is able to overpower the intellect – at least it would explain the increasing readiness of scientists to surrender their works and themselves to the lures of money and glory - and the attempts to infect AI`s with emotions.
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