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New approaches (2)

Postby waechter418 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:09 pm

…to old concepts and old approaches to new concepts

It is recommended to study “Another view of Consciousness” in order to become familiar with the concepts underlying the following proposals.

Courage, steadfastness and flexibility, are virtues that assist the performance of existence and thus the realisation of Consciousness.

These virtues turn into vices, where cannon-fodder is considered courageous, civil servants firm, brave the working class hero, flexible the opportunists, righteous the blind and virtuous those who serve the powers of the weak. And power gets corrupted too, by those who consider it to be a danger to their weaknesses, as well as by the weak who try to gain power through them.

Which is not to say that power has become obsolete – in contrary, there is a growing epidemic of so called world-, market-, media- & other powers of the powerless, who seem to thrive on the hope that weakness + weakness = power, from where probably stems also the notion of a “will to power”, which is, besides perverting will as well as power – because will is power – no more but a wishful thinking of the weak, that more often than not drives them into wars.

But war is obviously not limited to the weak forces of Consciousness, as there have been plenty of cultures who practiced it without religious, moral, economical, racist, political or ideological excuses, but worshipped – in view of their gods, arts & epics – war as an expression of Consciousness and their powerful and mighty as representatives of its lust and joy of existence.

Power implies capability – and the performance of existence requires a capability that is associated with pride, which in turn connotes nobility that manifests in dignity & generosity – characteristics that have enabled the Homo to create splendorous cultures and at the same time to appreciate the capabilities of fellow animals. As a matter of fact, many cultures praised the capabilities and characteristics of animals – as well as of wind, water, volcanoes, trees, planets and other aspects of existence – in temples, myths and works of art, as expressions of Consciousness.

Worship existence is a major demand of LAL and a topical one, since existence has become a commodity for attempts to realize oneself through possessions.

Such attempts can be found in every R/P system. In the alternating, they are usually put at the service of its collectives, which in turn reward him, who tries to realize himself in such manner, with a reputation that seems to give him an identity. Hence the Orient brought forth cultures which were able to sustain themselves without immoderate copying & looting.

In the contrary R/P system, attempts to realize oneself through possessions brought about object- & people cults, of whom many were to become models for the Occident, which thus was never able to achieve an identity, but instead developed outstanding copying & ransacking skills that lead to an overabundance of viewpoints & objects – more so, since in Dualism the possession-relationship turns into an auto-division/multiplication of subject & object.

In the Orient these possibilities were obviously latent too, considering its innumerable thinkers who tried to regulate the possession-complex with social & political constructs and to restrain it with philosophies, religions & cosmologies. Whereas in the Occident there have – with the exception of categorical denials – almost no countermeasures been taken. And its thinkers reacted – if at all – only when the fusions & fissions of the possession-complex effected extraordinary disturbances in its collectives and thus threatened the mirror rooms of the thinkers. And even then, they confined their responses to distribution- & redistribution theories, which – as division/multiplication variants – were unable to restrain this process, or to turn it into a self-sufficient relationship. Which in any case would have been quite difficult, as its positions and values change erratically and are moved by emotions that are obviously stronger than the reasons the thinkers boast of, considering their readiness to succumb to the possession complex, to promote it as a progress and law of nature and to encourage its commercial & political executive to export and to impose it upon other cultures. Of course no longer with colonial methods, which are in the age of globalization obsolete, since the possession complex engenders plentiful medias to infect and to corrupt them with liberal-, economic, democratic- & whatever suitable ideologies.
Might be its promoters hope that if the possession-complex takes over their entire world, there will be no space left for other abstructs* – and thus a kind of unity and order might take place. If so, no one seems to contemplate of what such order might consist – certainly not the values & measures that have constituted the possession-complex, as they are deteriorating too.

(* abstract constructs)
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