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Reality - Version 0.2

Postby encode_decode » Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:58 am

This time I want to discuss subjective reality versus objective reality.

In Reality - Version 0.0 I suggested:

    1. First there is nothing.
    2. Secondly inside this nothing there is infinity.
    3. It is infinity that fills the void of nothing.

In Reality - Version 0.1 I suggested :

    1. Before US there is the metaspace.
    2. Inside the metaspace there is the physical space.
    3. It is metaspace that transcends the physical space.

In Reality - Version 0.2 I am suggesting:

    1. Laid out before us there is the objective.
    2. Inside the objective is the subjective.
    3. The difference between the objective and the subjective is infinitely relative.

One question that comes to mind is:

    How do we know when to accept objective reality established and accepted through science and philosophy?

Objective reality from the human point of view is confined to the knowledge that we have accumulated about it. Objective reality is relative to how true what we know about reality is.

Subjective reality then it seems is connected to objective reality through the concept of being relative. It is the absolute it seems that keeps illuding us. Relative reality and absolute reality is something that I will discuss in the future however what I am suggesting here is that no matter what you call reality it is connected to all the other versions that everyone has come up with through the concept of differences.

Belief then must be the basis for subjective reality. I suggest belief is also the basis of objective reality for the time being.

My thoughts are that reality itself will undergo more iterations before we arrive at the truth.

Hopefully I do not start a p-war here . . .

Mind is an ever changing dimension that is bound to reality, logic and emotion.
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