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The Rationale(from another thread).

Postby encode_decode » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:03 am

    What follows should be the rationale behind building an emulator . . .
    . . . and not just a reason given to begin with that motivates any given person to pursue a course . . .

    . . . a course of study involving RM:AO . . .

    RM, and more specifically AO, are aimed at gaining a full ontological understanding of "God, Man, Me, and Reality", beyond Man's current level. RM:AO is the coup de grâce of the struggle to finally put all of the pieces into a single understanding, to finally see very clearly how and why it ALL works as it does.

    The need to see such is only driven by Man's abuse of himself and all things as he lusts for an impossible and unneeded absolute control. RM:AO reveals what absolutely can and cannot be done, and in principle how to accomplish from the status quo to whatever the goal. Of course such would be very analytical and complex, although still much simpler than modern science would have it. RM:AO is for the very few serious thinkers not blinded by personal passions (pride, ego, fear, hatred,..).

    Basically it is an extremely detailed map of principles concerning "how to get along with the universe" derived from "why the universe does what it does". It reveals the highest level of priority from which grand decisions can be made without losing one's way or getting lost in doubt or presumption within the maze of methods and moralities.

    When fully grasped, it answers with certainty the age old question, "What should I/we do? And Why?" Thus ending unnecessary conflict, struggle, and suffering before it ever begins. Being so extremely comprehensive, RM:AO spews general principles and aphorisms concerning every topic. But unlike that great fiery ball in the sky, it is not merely an intensely bright light, but a floodlight of laser coherent illumination, lighting all terrains whether day or night.

    As far as any one individual, each individual must step from where they are and thus have differing needs at different times even if intending the same goal.

    A Contemporary philosophy

    Tethered by reality;
      There is the ongoing cause of all that is.
      There is the order and chaos brought about by that cause.
      There is Life.
      There is the adversary to every life.
      And there is You.. an instance of life.
    The rest is just noise

    Amongst all the noise there are many entities great and small, all vying for attention and ultimate influence – “God wannabes”. Some are mindless formations propagating through their circumstances. Some are forms of life, temporarily struggling to survive, not really knowing why and certainly not how, but merely presuming a purpose, need, and desire. Most all merely adding their bit to the noise.

    Don't sweat the Noise..

    Within the noise, there is logic and understanding, a "firmament within the clouds". And with such understanding arises order and clarity, simplifying the burden upon the mind.

    • Let negative things be fleeting and small.
    • Expect and allow for positive things to accumulate more slowly through give and take within the noise.
    • Filter what comes to you by its relative value to what you are, not that for which you want.
    • Support that which supports you.
    • Match impedance with patience.
    The list could go on and on.

    The inherent purpose in all living things is to maintain and protect their inner harmony. Man learned that in order to do such requires that he obtain and maintain the harmony surrounding him. And from there, all of the insane efforts of the history of homosapiens sprang forth as he attempts threats and false hopes in an effort to control all things.

    All joy is caused by an inner perception of progress toward that harmony and hope (thus the continual effort). Such is the very make of the deepest devoted love, survival, and that known as "Heaven". If you are looking for something to seek that has true meaning, seek that harmony both within and around you. It will be a full time occupation, don't worry about that. The Buddhists call it spiritual enlightenment, "bliss". But it is not a stagnate thing as many have been led to believe. Its momentum is what keeps and maintains it. Try it and you will see. Everything else you try will just be more noise upon yourself and others.

    Finding the Balance – remaining stable


    Jun 19, 2012
    Self-harmony is the ideal architecture within, without which there is no "I". That architecture involves both rules of behavior as well as the behavior itself. To establish more or better Self-harmony, it helps to get a measure of where you stand with respect to the ideal so that improvement direction can be discerned.

    How a person treats his environment, the people and things immediately around him, is a reflection of how he is treating himself inside. If he disrespects others, interrupts them while they are talking, disrespects their space or possessions, or quickly judges or ignores them, he is doing that same thing within himself to various concerns, ideas, and parts of his own mind. If he is disorganized, dirty, careless with his own possessions, he is the same way with his thoughts. Thus simply look around and see how you are treating your immediate environment so as to get a measure of what is going on inside your own mind. You are only as harmonious within as how harmonious you are with your environment (given the chance to be).

    Once you have an idea of where you stand with harmonizing your environment and being in harmony with it, you can probably quickly see how to improve it.

    The greater influence upon the inside of you comes from the outside of you. Surround yourself with beauty and you can probably feel it within and will tend to begin being it, behaving in harmony with what you perceive.

    There is no end to it. And there is no beginning . . .
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