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Plato's Republic ... Leadership

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:20 pm
by pilgrim-seeker_tom
Leadership has been the fulcrum of human evolution since time immemorial. Safeguarding continuity in leadership has always been crucial in all cultures/geographies ... again since time immemorial.

The above fact(s) underpins all the crap we are forced to endure when the uncertainty of regime change raises it's ugly head.

Global circumstances today are no different ... in fact ... regime change is the number one issue today.

Yet people don't/can't see the 'red herring'.

How so?

Who is not focused on the instances of "enforced regime change" ... Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea.

Who has given serious thought to an "unwanted" regime change.


South Korea!

A new unwanted leader in South Korea may initiate a sea change for the "West" in the "East" ... a real tsunami.

Speculative perhaps ... yet the only logical answer for the sudden drastic uptick in global fear mongering.

Look at the flag for South Korea ... Ba Gua ... I-Ching ... laugh if you like.

Re: Plato's Republic ... Leadership

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:55 pm
by encode_decode
Interesting. I can not laugh because be it unwanted or enforced regime change this is a very serious matter that not enough people take seriously.

It seems to me that once one dictator is taken down another one pops up to take his/her place - laugh at this if you want. Maybe by taking them down in the first place we are sending the wrong message. Maybe a more passive approach is advisable where it fits - but I get the feeling the only approach on the horizon will be that of brutality.

When we look around at the subdued masses are we in fact looking at wolves in sheep's clothing? They are not subdued but barbarians waiting in the darkness. These people I talk about are not really interested in thinking - just doing enough to survive. With thinking we can change the course of history to come - I guess the same can be said for not thinking. Complacency is the mark of the idiot but group complacency is just a time bomb. People should be reminded that once enough people take the attitude that it is somebody else's problem, it is then that we can no longer pass the blame or ignore consequences.

It is the direction that the unwanted regime change takes that irritates me - from one existing extreme to the next - no willing for slow and next generational changes that become more long lasting than what we saw in the twentieth century and now the twenty first.

What both the East and West do next should be considered equally.