Are we children of the G/god/ess/s or of the stars?

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Are we children of the G/god/ess/s or of the stars?

Postby Amorphos » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:50 pm

Are we children of the G/god/ess/s or of the stars?

I was wondering this then I just thought, we are children of the stars literally ~ like the we are stardust thing. What’s happening in our heads, - its starlight/light, that is the thing which can communicate beyond the limits of the organic and chemical components at work in the equation. Thought isn’t just neurons and other goo happening in the brain, in fact that physical aspect of the equation isn’t thought et al. Consider that the same kinds of chemical constructs are in the whole body, ergo the biology is in such instances, without thought.
Light is one universal thing and at once a vast array of unique things. Consider any given photon in a rainbow with all the color hues, reflectivity, refraction and what have you.

However, not all light is thinking as it mostly contains its own information [like in the rainbow or stars]. So thought equally isn’t light. Something has to happen to give it the property of or connection to mind, thus manifesting thought as the result. There are behaviorism’s which light have, and which are different to those in the biology e.g. like darting in and out of existence, qm etc. Then connection to mind must I deduce, be somewhere in that difference and quality of light.
Come to think of it sub-atomic particles are also in motion phasing in and out of existence. So it is all talking to mind and both can have mind and does not have mind, light and biology can be thinking or not thinking.

The electrical energy of physical consciousness is a kind of electromagnetism, not unlike light. Em equally can be thinking or unthinking.

Mind is not the biology, em or consciousness et al it can only reasonably be an >other< facet of reality. Equally it is ‘something’ which physical existence can communicate with and take shape too, you cannot have thought without that happening and without all the said ingredients.

The question left is what comes first, the mind or the physics; they are both occurring at the same time, but we are children of the stars which themselves derive from dust, and we are of light which derives from a state prior to the existence of light. So mind comes before.

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