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The religion of the canonneer

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:35 am
by Amorphos
The religion of the canonneer

We could look at any evolutionary and historical trend, say the history of your life and everything [family, house, world, universe etc], and see that as having nothing singular about it. Its all just a bunch of patterns loosely operating upon random change. Yet in the Socratic sense we can walk up to a proposed third party [anyone in the street], and ask them how they see event unfold and the meaning of everything.
So i walk up to a guy who’s a canonneer, and I ask him, how does everything happen in the world? He say’s; if you ask me to drop a shell on a target 50 ft away, then you got no chance. If you ask me to put it on a target 3 miles away, then I can land that thing on a sixpence.

So in the religion of the canonneer there is a curve with a period of chaos leading towards increasing accuracy the further we go out. Him being a creator god, he’s just going to aim stuff way out into the depths of manifest existence, and just because there is a period of chaos leading up to the singularity of an event [where the shell lands], doesn’t mean that the whole thing is not just the canonneer shooting shells into the fray. Ergo there exists chaos, duplicity and duality, but then from another perspective each event has its own name written upon its own shell.

If his religion wrong?