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Automative responses

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:12 pm
by Amorphos
Automative responses

How much of what we think say and do are automative responses? Around 90% would you say, or 10% for example?

Watch the girl dance - she’s been asked ‘to do something’ so automatically dances as she thinks that’s what she should do.

I was watching a show on robots, and noticed how they are trying to get them to analyse responses ‘like humans do’. yet surely it would be better to just have a file system whereby e.g. you walk by and someone says hello, you don’t process that but just say hello back - an automative response and not a vast amount of processing. You could get a robot with a game engine running in it, and it just does animations and such responses. It would walk around say stuff and make rudimentary actions just like in skyrim or something. Robots don’t need to be cleverer than us to interact, they probably need to be just as dumb as consciousnesses are?