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Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:01 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
The Buddha said that suffering was being sick and aged and death.....
those aren't suffering, they are just natural events in our lives.....

Real suffering is what humans do to other humans....if you want to end
the suffering of people, be kind to human beings....follow the path
of love instead of hate and anger...suffering, real suffering is caused
by humans acting on other the person who helps end suffering...


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:03 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
as I wrote, the Buddha felt that we must escape suffering
and that suffering was growing old and being sick and dying...
but these things are normal and expected.... how can they be
suffering if everyone becomes sick or grows old or dies?
I have been sick, I needed three operations to heal, did I suffer?
hell yah, the pain was overwhelming at times, but I, eventually,
became healthy...but that kind of suffering is part and parcel of the
human experience...... I suffer from pain from a bad back and have for
years and will suffer until the day I die... and yet, I realize it is what it is....
and as for growing old, I am 58 and I grow older every single day and yet
it is what it is and nothing I can do will stop that process... I just consider
it being part of the price of being alive and as for death, I have no choice, no freedom
in the matter, so how can that be suffering?
I will die...... it doesn't matter how I feel about the matter, I will die..
I just don't know when......

all of these are natural occurring event in life we all go through... it is
what it is and that there is nothing I can do about it. period. end of discussion....
why lament that which I have no control over... I cannot control that "suffering"
even if it isn't really suffering, it is just part of the gig of being human....
deal with it.....

but what about the suffering of millions who don't have the necessities of life?
while some have billions of dollars, in fact the top 10 wealthiest people
on planet earth have as much wealth as the bottom half of the population or
have as much wealth as 3 billion people....... how is that just? how is that equality?
by having the economic system we have, we have billions, BILLIONS, of people who
lack the basic necessities of life......they are suffering, not from age or sickness or death,
but from the actions of their fellow human beings.....

Justice demands that we treat people equally but if we don't do that due to economic
reasons, we are engaged in injustice... a society cannot last engaging in injustice....
it becomes unbalanced, unstable, it becomes threatened..... so where is the justice
for those who suffer from lack of resources? if all men are created equal, then we
need justice, equality, for everyone regardless of their politics or their religion or
their race or their color.... equality is the answer for suffering.... you want to end
suffering.... end injustice, end follow the Buddha and end suffering,
you must end the suffering of our fellow human beings.... who suffer under a unequal
political and economic system......every single reformer since before Jesus has had
the same heal thyself... one must begin by healing those who suffer....
because their suffering is your suffering because we humans...... we are
of that universal classification.... HUMAN BEING......we are one and the same....
individually and collectively.....we have an economic system that demands suffering as
a price for our couch and our TV and our nice car and house.... we can go with less
and end the suffering for others..... equality..... is justice for all.....


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:53 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
I am reading a book called: History of Philosophical Systems...
it is edited by Ferm... Published in 1965....
a group of writers write about various Philosophical systems from
the earliest times, it begins with the "Story of Indian Philosophy"
and works it way through various systems up to recent events like Pragmatism
and Logical Positivism and into recent events in Philosophy, well recent as
of 1965......

I thought about our American system and what is in that system...

we have a representative democracy and we have capitalism as our economic system
and we have three distinct and equal branches of government and we have as our basis
a equal justice system, whereas the symbol is the women wearing blindfold and
using a scale which means she judges blindly and without discrimination or benefit
to anyone.......this is our American system writ large and not getting into the weeds
with all the other stuff that our system will entail.....

now our system like any other system must be balanced, to work it must
be equal and fair and honest... the failure of our American system lies in the
fact that it has introduced chaos and uncertainty into our system and within
that chaos lies the means to threaten our American system....

think of our political system like the solar system... it works smoothly
and easily until something throw the system into chaos like for example,
let us say a planet comes into our solar system or a nearby sun has some
gravitational influence on our system that would throw our solar system into
chaos and make it unbalanced and threaten its equilibrium....

we have caused chaos and unbalanced into our system with rulings like
hobby lobby and citizens united and thus we have a system that is out of
balanced and we have justice that is no longer blind but she sees exactly
which people are on trial and money talks and justice walks.....

we have threaten the system in large part by our own actions
and it is by our own actions we must save our system.....
when politicians make millions of dollars from campaign contributions
and then get a small salary from American's, who do you think the
politicians will listen to....the millions of dollars or the citizens
who put them there... there is no doubt who the politicians listen
to and answer to and it ain't their constituents, that's for sure....

the bottom line seems to be money and there where the danger of,
and the threat comes from, money influencing and changing
the dynamics of justice and the dynamics of democracy.......

money makes the blindfolded lady see and makes justice becomes
a system of money, justice is simply the person with the most money,
and thus threatens the balance of the American system.......

justice is no longer equal and justice is no longer practiced
from a position of blindness.......

want to know how America is being threaten, it is money that
has unbalanced the American system

this morning it was reported that a homeless man asked a woman
to move her Porsche... and she shot much you want to bet she
gets off scott free...better then even money, she doesn't spend a day in jail.....and
that is the new American justice talks and justice walks.....
you want to rail against something, try this inside of dumb discussions of
liberals and their alleged hatred of America.... you want to fix America,
help fix the systems that have become corrupt and unbalanced, thus
threating American stability....


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:26 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
most people approach philosophy with
such seriousness that is entirely unwarranted....

becoming who you are, isn't about drama and seriousness
that drains all the life out of the process...

Nietzsche was right, we can dance and laugh and cry
on the path to becoming....

Philosophy isn't about a set series of exercises like
studying the verb "to be" in another language....

I am
you are
he/she/it is
we are
you are
they are

Ich bin
du bist
er/sie/es ist
wir sind
ihr seid
sie/Sie sind...

philosophy exists in both the joy and terror of discovering
who we are and who we might become....
it is about finding out what is possible
and singing a song about that...

we can become... all we have to do is understand that...
I can become something better then I am today and that
something is to be found in the study of life of which philosophy
is part of.....I have learned things about myself lately, at my advance
age of 58, that has surprised me and frankly, has brought shame to my
heart, but that is part of the journey... not to learn safe and comfortable
things but to learn everything, not just the fun and safe stuff and that
sometimes leads us to feel shame and terror and joy about who we are
and then who we can become, and that can bring us the same feelings of shame and
terror and joy.... if we don't feel something about our journey, it isn't much
of a journey.....we are simply engaged in a very safe exploration of who we are...
it is like thinking that traveling is going to a safe place and thinking you are really
traveling, but real traveling is about stretching who you are by going beyond
what is safe and going beyond your comfort zone... going to the local, nearby street
is safe and predictable, but going to some new country and going out of your comfort
zone is really what traveling and philosophy is about the same thing... go beyond
your comfort zone and challenge yourself just like you would if you were

safe and boring is Kant and Hegel, stretch who you are by engaging in
Nietzsche or engage in your own exploration of who you are and challenge
who you are and who you are becoming......


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:59 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
in my journey of being and becoming...
I have discovered I have a mean streak a mile long...
and that is my being... but do I simply accept that or
do I try to become, becoming, something better....

I can simply accept that I can be mean but that is not
a choice, that is simply accepting or I can make a choice,
which is freedom, choices means freedom, and I can choice
to become something better, which is not being mean and being
nicer and a kinder Kropotkin..... what I choose defines me as
a person and I choose to be a nicer, kinder person....

so, I just have to practice being nice and being kind,
every single day... and it will be hard because
being is easier then trying to become something else,
being is easier then what route do I take?

the easy path of being or the hard path of becoming?


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:12 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
now one might say, but Kropotkin, you are espousing new age nonsense or
religion or utter nonsense or whatever you seem to be babbling about......

but the truth is.... it doesn't matter what we call it..

a journey is never about the destination, but about the trip, the journey....

the human journey is never about the end, the destination, which is death,
but about the journey and it doesn't matter what we call death, be it death
or non-existence or non-being or passed on or gone to a better place...
it is about the journey we take before that final experience.....

so if after death and you could report your journey of life, what would
you want to be able to report back about your journey?

I did this or I was that or I traveled or I became this on my way to.....
being or becoming? did you engage in simple being or did you engaged
in becoming? which one would you rather report back to the living?

I was or I engaged in becoming?


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:35 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
so, my "system" is one of order vs disorder....
that which improves the order of the system is
approved of and that which increases disorder is disapproved of...

we, each of us, exists in a series of systems, politically, economically
and in the political, that which improves the order of the
system is approved of and that which increases the disorder is disapproved of...
but does that "disapproval" include dissent?
dissent does cause disorder within the society and so, theoretically must
be disapproved of......

not at all, even if dissent does cause disorder within the society/system...
dissent must be part and parcel of any political system, either officially
or unofficially and it would be better if dissent were part of any
political system officially.....if fact, it is the genius of the American
political system that the use of dissent is officially protected by
the bill of rights....

the value of dissent is for what must be avoided at all cost, which is
the natural conservatism of "people" to codify values and beliefs and
actions.....values in fact, must be changeable and adaptable to
to fit any new changes in society....values are meant to be of value to
to serve the people in their pursuit of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
values are a tool, nothing more, and values must be flexible enough to enable
people to navigate life...dissent is also a tool to help people navigate life...

occasionally we must dissent, to increase disorder to the overall benefit of
the society to which we belong as benefitting society does benefit us
personally...and occasionally, dissent is the means to improve society...
the trick is to know when dissent is the answer and when it is not....
this understanding of when dissent is needed and not needed is the
understanding of political science...

I believe that this is the time for dissent for the forces of government
are engaged in the acts of disorder, which is the exclusion of, the
discrimination of, the refusal to integrate people within society....

laws that discriminate against people, laws that exclude people,
that laws don't integrate people are acts of disorder against
the benefit of society....and must have dissent against them....
disorder....for to pursue laws against people and their values
is really an act of nihilism... for that is nihilism, the negation of
human values and negating human rights, negating people's
right to act in their own interest is nihilism.....and being able
to pursue one's own values within such values as tolerance,
and respect and freedom to act is paramount.....

in other words....we must pursue justice and freedom as
fundamental properties of a society... justice is the act of
equality and inclusion and freedom is the choices allowed....
and any actions which deny justice or freedom must be fought....
give dissent to.....

so laws which deny justice or freedom must have dissent
as their response....we cannot codify any attempt to
deny justice or freedom....we must fight, dissent in any attempt
to legitimize denying justice or freedom....thus we have
a course of action.... we allow voting rights, we allow abortions,
we increase toleration and increase justice for all......
freedom and justice is our template for actions as that
is the path to order in our political system....and anything
that denies freedom and justice must have dissent
as it consequences.....


Re: a new understanding of today, time and space.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:43 pm
by Brando
I want just mention Hegel who says, that philosophy is the conceptualization of one owns time. This is a way to concile the truth while being human and making Errors. The dissent culminates in critique. Philosophy is built in this way: making Errors which survive time by it s performative value.